Home Discussion Forum Is making a crop circle a crime?

Is making a crop circle a crime?

Does it matter about size, location etc?
On an overgrown patch of land, is making a smaller crop circle at all criminal?


  1. It’s not against the law to make a crop circle. However, it is against the law to trespass on somebody else’s property. If it’s not your property, it’s not your place to be cutting senseless circles out of the crops.

  2. Probably nothing criminal about it, but some farmer might want to shoot you with a shotgun full of rocksalt for screwing up his crops.
    The people who squash these crop circles into fields seem to always choose really good looking farm land to do it. I suppose there’s something that the sheriff could find to charge them with if you could catch them.
    The moral of the story is that if you want to play space alien, squash your crop circle into a vacant lot full of weeds.

  3. Trespassing.
    Destruction of private property.
    Maybe creating a public nuisance?
    Unless it’s your own property, let it go. Besides – crop circles have all been debunked. Everyone knows it’s just a couple of guys using boards to tramp down the grain.

  4. It depends.
    Will you destroy crops?
    If you are wanting to do this as a some kind of fraud, then I’d just wait until a wheat field is harvested. There will be stubble that will not be harmed by being knocked over. The only thing you could get nailed for would be trespassing.


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