Is magick possible or is it just a hokes.?

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I have tried magick on a few occasions and none of my tries worked can someone tell me is its real or how to do it.

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Local Rep

it is psychology


impossible—-only Jesus and God can do “magic”–

Magnetic Ice

This girl on my bus says it works ,but you have too lose something everytime she casts a “spell” she says if she wanted someone to lose their arm, her cat would die.
I was like, WTF? = /

Worst Answer

It is wise of you to ask this in the religion section. According to the christians Jesus did it all the time. You’re prayers will be answered like “Magic”.


I believe that sometimes God chooses to perform miracles. I think you are talking about the type of magic that tries to be a miracle without being God’s will. Good thing its not working.


Its real
It takes years of study and discipline.


well idts but why would u ask such a question

Father Ted Crilly

‘hokes’ is spelt hoax


It depends on your belief system. Christians pray and believe those prayers will be answered. Just like someone who practices “magick” believes it works.


You can’t just find a spell and do magick, it does not work like that.


It depends on your definition. Alasteir Crowley the most (in)famous Occultist of the 20th century posited that any intentional act was a magickal act. So we all perform magick every day


The problem is not that magic isn’t real– the problem is that most people expect too much from magic.
Magic is subtle, it works with nature (not against it). For example, people using herbs to heal was once thought of as magic. We figured out herbs have healing properties, and now they’re science.
A great deal of magic is psychologically preparing yourself for going after your goal.
Magic is not about the tools or the words you mutter over a candle– those are just for focus. To learn magic requires discipline and education. No one can just tell you how to do it; you would have to commit to the study.

advout woman

A magician performs magic tricks which are not real,anybody can do them with practice.Miracles however are real do not happen everyday & come from Allah or God.


Depends. If you are expecting what you see in movies and on TV, that is called special effects and illusions. it is not true Magic. True magic is the manipulation of energy and will to come to a specific conclusion. What Witches, Pagans and Wiccas (not all but many) call magic, many call miracles or nature.
It does work. I have a new home, my family together, a job and a myriad of other things that I have done spells and rituals for.


I guess that depends on how you did it, and what you were trying to gain. I personally think it works. The definition of it is ‘using the energy around you to perform your will’ but it’s not like Harry Potter or Charmed.


Yes. To both.
A lot of magick I’ve had experience with is positive thinking. For instance, you want a job, you see yourself in a job, you focus your mind and energies towards a job, and amazingly… you find a job. No magick involved, but a lot of people do the magick thing and believe that’s what caused it.
A lot of magick is unrelated to the person. For instance, my sister did a lot of garbage trying to move herself out of the house, away from all of the family, to try and force a break. My parents and everyone in the family also did a lot of praying to try and move her out of the house, but to also keep her close to the family so that she couldn’t cut off all ties. Eventually, she moved in with someone else in the family, becoming their burden, and also forcing her to be unable to cut off ties. Tell me. Do you think the prayers were answered or the magick? She’d claim it was the magick.
And then there’s some magick that actually is connected to what the person is doing. I’m someone who does believe in spirits, ghosts, and the like. I do not believe anyone with magick has any control over it, but they do dip into things that will trick them and lead them along. As someone who had someone screw around with things she shouldn’t have, and saw it completely out of her control, I have never met anyone who had any amount of control. They all thought they did.
Some of the reasons your tries may not have worked is because someone in your vicinity is projecting “negative emotions” to block your ability to tap into anything. Or praying, certain protective spirits, etc. I’ve seen that stop anything from working too.
So yes. It’s possible. It’s also a hoax in some cases. And in other cases it’s dangerous.


First it is spelled hoax not hokes.
Second, yes it is real but not in a hollywood-like fancy way. No fireworks and cool Charmed powers (pity) and wands that send jinxes like in Harry Potter.
Magic (I spell it without the -k) is energy so working with it is actually manipulating energy. This energy is what other cultures call chi, cosmic energy, psychic energy, life force and so on. What we call positive thinking and similar is in fact working with Magic. Spells are an active form of prayer.
In order for it to work you need to believe in it and in your potential. You also have to do other thing correctly that might affect the outcome like correspondences (having e.g. the right colour in a candle while performing Magic actually helps because it triggers the subconscious mind). It is the subconscious mind that works mostly with Magic and this is why it is better for beginners to use the tools and correspondences correctly until you get familiar and experienced enough with it so that you may no longer need them. But even Witches with years of experience may still use these things as they have symbolic meanings.
Some things may seem very convenient to orthologists and those who see Magic with skepticism like the fact that faith in Magic is what makes it work.
Also, knowing your actual intent is very important as well. You don’t do a spell without first having a clear view of what you intend it to do.
Finally, some workings may fail despite you having done everything correctly. That means that it either isn’t meant to happen or it is not time for it yet. Remember that Magic does not creates the result out of nowhere but instead it exploits the circumstances to produce the best result possible. So if the circumstances are not as required it may not work.
I hope this didn’t confuse you!


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