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Is magick or the ability to do magick affected by storms? (Thunder and lightning variety) How?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around magick and energy work. I searched for this question and didn’t see one similar to it asked in the past. It would make sense to me that the higher amount of energy/electricity in the atmosphere would have an impact on magick, but I’m not sure if it would be positive or negative. Can anyone give me some insight?


  1. It depends on the person for most i meet its a postive effect and we feel more, for others negative and they feel drained…all and all it depends on what elements and such you are more in touch with.

  2. There is no such thing as magic, what we call magic is slight of hand. In other words, you are being fast and/or deceptive with your movements in order to accomplish your goals. Weather has nothing to do with it

  3. Magic or energy work is actually very easy to understand, just harder to work. It is simply the control of natural energy through will and concentration for effect. As each person is different, so is their ability to use various sources and the effect of it. Being as all energy is composed of positive and negative, it, in and of itself is neutral just as is magic. There is no Black and White as many refer to, it comes down to the person who works with it and the intent of the effect. Another misunderstanding is that only positive energy may be used for positive effect. The natural balance of energy also allows for a crossover effect, positive for negative and vice versa.
    One saying that I am aware of among some Native American people is that when there is a storm, and you are aware that there is an Iktomi Shaman in the area, stay indoors. The Iktomi is a particular magic user among shaman and their abilities are said to become extremely playful when there is a storm. Although unintentional, it can be unsafe due to the heightened activities, to be out and about.

  4. Yes, this it is a rather advanced method (approach) for
    Opening Portals.
    Other (somewhat vaguely documented) are that of bodies
    or water (implied in the Celtic myths about a “Lady of the
    Lake”, etc) and the Ancient Egyptian (Book of Pylons…the
    “deceased” passes thorugh a wall of fire before entering
    the Hour described the chapter(s)).
    The effect can be construed as similar to that which occurs
    during a Sabbat such as the Vernal Equinox. The
    Veil is rather thin at those times.


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