Home Discussion Forum is magic about invocation and calling the spirits mostly?

is magic about invocation and calling the spirits mostly?


  1. No! The vast majority of magic has nothing to do with either of those things. Most magic involves minor spells and charms for things like luck, love, prosperity, protection, and success.
    I have personally never called a spirit – why would I need to? When I invoke, I’m basically calling the energy of a deity into my body, to use for strength, courage, etc. I don’t do that very often either.

  2. Depends on your definition of magic. Taking it from fanstasy point of view. Harry potter, incantations it is mostly. Lord of the rings, knowledge is a major part of magic. In real life if you accept magic, it is a whole myriad of things.

  3. There are several different kinds of magic. The invocation process is used mostly in High magic which is from the Quabala. Communing with spirits is a very simple form of magic where a person makes prayers and offerings to the spirits of the dead. Invocation and Evocation is intended for summoning angels and demons to do ones bidding.

  4. No.
    It is mostly about causing change in accordance with the will.
    One way to change is to converse with other intelligences, spirits, divines, elementals among them.
    Read “Practical Occultism” by Dion Fortune, and “The Art & Practice of Creative Visualisation” by Ophiel for a good start to the Practice of Magick.
    There are many dimensions to magickal practice, but “Raising one’s Own Intelligence” and “Establishing Communication with Higher Intelligences” might be said to be the two critical keys thereof. The latter may be termed ‘invocation’, but evocation is more concerned with the application rather than the critical change magick is more truly concerned with.
    Magick, in fact, is not unakin to Yoga (which has its Siddhis as well, note).

  5. depends on the type of magic being used. most pagans would say no.
    ceramonial magicains and voodoun practicioners would say yes.

  6. Not mostly. Magic also involves channeling powers from elements, other planes of existence, creating illusions, altering chemical composition, opening portals, altering physical laws, transformation of states, enchanting, symbols of power, creation of items, creation of relics, spell recording, glyphs, golem construction, and so on.


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