Is Lucifer a being seperate from us or a part of our consciousness?

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I am curious as to what everyone thinks regarding Lucifer…..
Is he a seperate entity out to take over Gd’s creation or a part of our consciousness that is in opposition to Gd. Or any other mixture of posibilities?

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Lucifer no more exists than god does.

Dude M

They are both part of our consciousness, they are not real.


yes but beware cuz he can broadcast his thoughts just like radio,,


Satan is a separate being who attacks our minds with lies against God and the things that God stands for.


He is a created being, at one time was an angel of the highest order (apparently, angels are arranged in a hierarchy.) His only “equal” was apparently Michael, the Archangel. Another high ranking (though apparently a little below Michael… think Four-Star Generals and Three-Star Generals) is Gabriel.
Because Lucifer sought to make himself, instead of God, the object of worship, God cast him out of heaven.
As far as I recall, no other angels in the Bible are recorded by name.


Loserfart yes him…
Wait I mean Lucifer.
He is not a diety. He is a separate being from us.
He is a slime bucket who wants you to go to Hell. In fact Loserfart (oops did it again.) wants to take as MANY people as he CAN to Hell (Actually Lake of Fire) with him as he can.
Jesus does not. Jesus wants to save us (even though we do not deserve it) so we can go to Heaven. Jesus died for our sins and rose again. Jesus died for you and me.
Not many people appreciate that which is sad seeing what He saves people from.
People would praise a fire fighter for saving them from a blazing house.
Yet Jesus saves from the Lake of Fire, and people hate Him.
Hmm. Makes no sense.

Synchronicity Expert

Lucifer is an entity. As of right now he is master of this world and will be until Jesus returns.
Lucifer influences us through many channels and both he and God play in the realm of time and timing.
This is why life seems to kick you when you’re down or conversely why right when you’re about to lose all hope, something fortunate happens. It’s a war.
Internally we have a dual nature. It’s a thing called free will. We can make choices that are deemed sinful or we can choose to do works of good. We all have a shadow side to our consciousness, though we strive to suppress it. The more we suppress it rather than intergrating it, the more we will mirror it on the world around us and allow it to manipulate us.
God gave us the power to tell Satan to go away, so do so if you feel he is present. He must obey you. This is something most people don’t mention.


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