Is Lucid dreaming an ok topic for an informative speech?

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I already wrote it! but am unsure if it’s informative. I wrote about what lucid dreaming is, the benefits, and how you can lucid dream yourself.

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josh w


Betsy D

Yes, lucid dreaming is great. It’s lots of fun, and can help you work out problems.
There is a downside, though. It makes you want to sleep more often, and people who dream lucidly may have other problems with their sleep when they’re not dreaming lucidly. (i.e. vivid, horrific nightmares.)


Go for it, we need Lucid dreaming to be taken out of the closet.


Lucid dreaming is a great topic. I used it as my topic for my graduation project when I was finishing high school, and the teachers reviewing my paper loved it. Not many people know much about lucid dreaming, but most people I talk to find it fascinating.


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