Is LP Pern'magic is different from Lp Koon and Lp Pae? Lp Pern focus more on occult and vicha but Lp Koon?





and Lp Pae focus more on peace and dhamma?
Am i true . is Lp Pern more like white robe ajahn where as the holy two more like a peaceful monks ?


  1. Please be clarify that
    1. On base of concentrate learning, three of them were the same and excellent.
    2. On base of personnel way LP.Pern is good for the occult different from LP.Koon and LP.Pae.
    3. Because of LP.Pern is good for the occult , he can contact Dewa and ghost , know the future and find the way to solve ppl problems.
    4. LP.Koon and LP.Pae are good concentrate will know everything by focus and their destine for nirvana.

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