Home Discussion Forum Is love, comprehension and sustainability the ultimate goal of the human race?

Is love, comprehension and sustainability the ultimate goal of the human race?

…with evolutionary psychology in mind. Or does our collective subconscious want more than this?


  1. well the goal i think is perfection and superiority, why do you think theres all these alein movies, aleins are usually a superior race and we try to drive them away so we can maintain superiority on earth. and we workout and try to stay in shape and alot of us try to be perfect, with teeth whitener and dieting and stuff like that. i diet and stuff for health and to be “better”. alot of ppl try to be the best.

  2. I believe that the comprehension of sustainable Love is the goal of the human race. That would cover all the other bases and lead to the joy that human being struggle to achieve.

  3. Love is indeed the ultimate goal of the human race. When all of humanity enacts the law of, “love your friend as yourself,” comprehension and sustainability will be achieved.
    When every one sees everyone else as part of their own family, there is a greater level of understanding and no one goes without any need.
    Do we want more?
    Yes. We saw what happened with communism in the last 100 years. The idea of equality and mutual love could not be sustained. There was an aspect missing. What was that aspect? It was Spirituality.
    With Spirituality we not only love each other we also love the our Creator. This higher goal gives each person in the society a reason to work and get up in the morning because the love of man alone cannot provoke and fulfill a person to live with his bare-necessities i.e. sustainably. There is simply not enough motivation.
    Therefore, it is the ultimate goal of Humanity to come to love and comprehension of both God and man and in turn there will be total sustainability of society and the natural world.
    Here are some links that further explain the ultimate goal of the human race:


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