Home Discussion Forum Is Lord Shiva Responsible for destruction of the world,?

Is Lord Shiva Responsible for destruction of the world,?

Because Hinduism believe that lord Shiva is a destroyer and
when Lord Shiva gets angry he opens his third eye and volcanic
eruption starts and he destroy the world.


  1. It’s Shiva’s “job” to destroy things when the time comes for them to be destroyed. So, I suppose you could say he is “responsible” for it, but only in the same way that it is anyone’s “responsibility” to do their job.

  2. I reckon it might be him, or possibly Ozymandias, King of Kings. Whichever, they seem to be doing a fair job, eh ?!

  3. Truth about God Siva
    God Siva is a one being, yet we understand Him in three perfections: Absolute Reality, Pure Consciousness and Primal Soul. As Absolute Reality, Siva is unmanifest, unchanging and transcendent, the Self God, timeless, formless and spaceless. As Pure Consciousness, Siva is the manifest primal substance, pure love and light flowing through all form, existing everywhere in time and space as infinite intelligence and power. As Primal Soul, Siva is the five-fold manifestation: Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; Rudra, the destroyer; Maheshvara, the veiling Lord, and Sadashiva, the revealer. He is our personal Lord, source of all three worlds. Our divine Father-Mother protects, nurtures and guides us, veiling Truth as we evolve, revealing it when we are mature enough to receive God’s bountiful grace. God Siva is all and in all, great beyond our conception, a sacred mystery that can be known in direct communion. Yea, when Siva is known, all is known. The Vedas state: “That part of Him which is characterized by tamas is called Rudra. That part of Him which belongs to rajas is Brahma. That part of Him which belongs to sattva is Vishnu.” Aum Namah Sivaya.
    God Siva is all and in all, one without a second, the Supreme Being and only Absolute Reality. He is Pati, our Lord, immanent and transcendent. To create, preserve, destroy, conceal and reveal are His five powers. Aum.-
    No, God does not get angry.He is pure divine love.The third eye is called a spiritual eye.(To represent this Hindu women/men wear dots(Pottu or Bindi) on their forehead.Many Hindus tell these stories to kids at home as they could not explain well to a child on the above truth.For more information and if you are a sincere seeker
    Please visit http://www.himalayanacademy.com/

  4. God shiva is the god for all gods, he loves everybody and he fulfills his devotees wishes. He is the destroyer of our next birth when we devote ourself to him . hara haraa mahadev. Om namashivaya…


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