Is looking for God a waste of time?

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I have just been reading Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’ whereTolle says that we cannot find God because we never lost Him; there is no you and God and that when we die our radiant inner selves survive when our names, forms and illusions disappear,

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Looking for god’s a waste of time because he doesn’t exist. It’s like looking for the tooth fairy.

Dreamstuff Entity

He’s right about the lack of gods, but he’s still serving a supernatural fantasy that lets people deny death.

Tercáno Manwë

Only if your time is a waste. Or if you have time to waste.

LucidDreamer-Atheati Kiteh Armor

Yes, because he has left no evidence to prove himself.
If you have anything other than a book, written by man, edited by man, translated by man, and printed by man, please show me.

Steely McBeam

You can’t find what isn’t there. But stating a christian line used in an argument I had, you can’t find him unless he wants you to. Pfft.
Just like Leprechauns!


You can put trust in the words of this mere man or trust in the Words of LORD Jesus Who has been on the other side and knows what He is talking about. It is always same old lie of satan did God really said so and so, is there life on the other side and so on.

Sorrow Free

Reading Eckhart Tolle is a waste of time.


So why is he in my bedroom trying on my knickers?


looking for god is a waste of time,, bcoz he is Always with us ,,, like a dad who always help his child to get the rite thing..u need not look for the god,,,” indu galladu andu leydu ,, endendu vatikana anduandey galludu”,,,, it says that its not written that god here or there ,, god is every where ,,,


If you find value in the search and it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not? There are plenty of other far less noble ways to waste time.


God does exist. Spirituality is a science, man is yet to understand. You can call him as our icon for perfection in everything if you like it that way. no matter whether you get him or not, look out for him in everything, you will have inner pleasure.


I happen to know God is VERY real, and does indeed exist…
After “finding God” and giving my life to Him 7 years ago, I have had countless days of joy, peace, and good things! Before I gave my life to Him, I was always depressed, poverty-stricken, and suffered from panic attacks, on a regular basis; my children were out of control, and my life was pointless.
I have also witnessed God’s power in other people’s lives…my mother has been at death’s door a few times, and has bounced back miraculously, after her children prayed to God for her recovery. My own daughter fought back from the brink of death (attempted suicide), after realizing all she really wanted was Him…she decided she didn’t want to die, after all! She has now devoted her entire life, and every moment of it, to God…and the transformation in her is inspiring others to seek Him.
I’ve seen other people get delivered from all kinds of things……addictions, panic disorders, diseases, poverty, etc……all because they gave themselves up to God and He pulled them out of their misery! Hallelujah!!!
How could any of this have taken place, if God’s not real?
Tell ya what…instead of reading “The Power of Now”, let me encourage you to pick up a Bible; therein lies the Truth, and knowledge of the Truth will set you free, as well!
Tolle is right about one thing…our “radiant inner selves” (it’s actually called your spirit) will live on without us. We will all go somewhere, when our physical bodies give out on us…the question is, do you know where you’ll be going? You can absolutely KNOW where you’ll be going, if you give your life (and your heart) to God…you’ll be on your way to Heaven!!
I will keep you in my prayers as you open a Bible, and discover the reality of God!


Here is what God says, He is so plain to be seen in all creation that no man is without excuse. Romans 1:18-20

Nik Tao - Third Eye

Within YU dwells a Place of Perfect Peace.
Within YU there is a place where NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.
Within YU is a place WHERE? the strength of the ONE abides.
Throoooooooo tree mend US — E F F O R T yu yirrself can discover
UNCOVER the truth THAT DWELLS within YU as yu.
Eckhart Tolle has spent YEARS on a path of self discovery that LED
HIM to the place where HE could write that Book.
Is looking for GOD a waste of Time???
One of the Greatest TEACHERs our EARTH has PRODUCED once sedd:
” He is wisest who seex GOD. ”
Let’s git ONE thing straight — if yu find GOD yu disappear.
But L O O K I N G for GOD that’s a path that commands the respect
of even the most extraordinary human being.
Tibetan LAMAs to become ordained a Lama – (Wise Man) spend
3 years 3 months and 3 days in Meditation and Study. But any
of them will tell yu — that is only THE BEGINNING.
GOD is the First Source and Centre Supreme of the Universe of Universes ( that which creates Universes) Our Scientists have recently revealed they have discovered there are THOUSANDS
of UNIVERSES stretching into seemingly ENDLESS Space.
the Milky Way Galaxy where we reside is 100,000 Light Years across its Diameter.
the BIBLE sez that GOD HYMNSELF knows the name and number of ALL the Stars in the Heavens.
Sew yirr beginning to see HOW difficult it will be to find GOD.
Bet to discover THE PLACE inside yu where WE ARE ONE w/ GOD
in our own relative U N I V E R S E is exceptionally most worthwhile.
UNIVERSE – a body of many diverse parts working together as a whole.
HUMAN SELF – a body/mind system of many diverse experiences
and accumulated knowledges developing extraordinary perspective.


And I don’t accept a word of the other mumbo jumbo you added to the question – “radiant inner selves” indeed. That is really quite funny.
Nothing we do because we want to do it is a waste of time.
Besides, how can we be sure it isn’t there until we fail to find it? :oP


I didn’t even-know he was missing, but then I’ve led a sheltered life.


No, Andrew, looking for God is not a waste of time because He wants you to find Him!
It is true to say that we never lost Him, but that is because He has always been here,and it is due to our own imperfections that courses us to be far away from Him.
I have to say, that you would fair better from trying to understand the Word of God, rather than someone who is also seeking something and coming up with his/her own theories!
The Word of God teaches us that when we die, we actually do not go anywhere at all. This is because rather than us having a soul; we are the soul, so when we die, we cease to exist!
However, the reason for Jesus coming down to earth and dying for us, will come into effect very soon, when death will be got away with for ever.


News flash: Tolle is NOT God. He’s not even close, and he doesn’t even know the one, true God.
Tolle thinks Oprah is god … and vis a versa.

alan h

That does not make it so. Do you believe everything you read?
Christianity is the record of God seeking out humanity


You need to allow God to find YOU:)

hopeof kingdom

What a load of nonsense, sorry if I offend you by saying so.
The LORD God definitely exists. The problem is that mankind does not wish to go God’s way but its own. Salvation is offered to all who will respond sincerely and want to do God’s will. It’s just that simple and it’s all in the Bible, the inspired word of God.


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