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Is life really just a constant fluxing of consciousness and mathematical causes and effects?

I’ve been leaning more towards this viewpoint.


  1. One doesn’t have to fully understand something to enjoy it. Life is what it is. We humans try to define it in various ways to suite our personal viewpoint. Personally, I believe love to be the most important factor. For without it, we are nothing.

  2. Our lives may be reduced to nothing more than the machinery of biological processes like automatons, and what we know may greatly be dependent on the contents of our consciousness – and who knows what is stored in there below our momentary awareness of sensations and immediate memory retrieval. We cannot simply peer inside to find out. But if you believe there is something outside our perception, and that we are part of a greater universal whole, like I do, then there is more to know and experience than from within our internal constraints.
    However, from a biological standpoint, if life is equivalent to consciousness and experience, we have to account for why identical twins reared apart share remarkable similarities, as it is often remarked. If consciousness is nothing more than personal experience, then these twins should be completely different.
    Also, I think that the prevailing theories gravitate strongly towards acceptance of chaos and randomness as ruling the universe. Newtonian physics and those neat mathematical or geometry theories of Descartes and others have long since been proven false through science. The long and short answer is that life can’t be reduced to geometry or predicted. Life is random, and we experience it through consciousness and biology while we are all interconnected through something like a universal mind.


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