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Is leaving a headless rat a witchcraft ritual?

someone left a headless rat on my mothers porch of her house I dont know what this means if it is a witchcraft ritual or just someone trying to intimidate her. Can someone please help me out with this?


  1. I once had a cat that would leave mouse parts on the steps. They feel it is a way to show their love and affection. Perhaps a cat likes your mom.
    Oh leaving something like that would be more Voodoo than witchcraft.

  2. I have no idea… but someone left a dried up dead black cat on my parents lawn…. it looked like it was run over and dried up in the sun! what does that mean?
    I cat probably ate the head and left it on your moms porch! unless you think someone did it on purpose! You got haters?

  3. Unless you have some medical or forensic degree and are able to judge weather the head was cut off or not, assume it’s an animal.
    When cows were found missing their eyes, tongues, and seemingly cut open people assumed it was witchcraft. Turns out fly larva had eaten the missing parts of the carcass. (Moral of the story: don’t be rash and paranoid Juliet 😉

  4. My cat frequently brings me “gifts” which are usually dead rodents. When she wishes to eat them, she leaves only the heads. It is common for cats to do so. It is not a witch, but a cat.
    As a side note.. it is beliefs like these that make it hard for witches to be respected and accepted, when things like this are attributed to us. Witches are not evil, nor do we hurt or harm any creature for any reason.

  5. Again, people jumping to conclusions.
    Just because something odd appears on your property doesn’t automatically mean Witchcraft.
    A headless rat is NOT a part of ANY witchcraft rituals. Witches have respect for living creatures, and in no way kill them for use in ritualistic practice. It was probably some animal’s dinner, that got interrupted.
    PLEASE…people, think rationally about things before jumping to conclusions

  6. A true witch would NEVER harm any living creature… so I would look to the neighborhood cats to find your culprit.


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