Is learning to see aura's a sin?

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Hey Im interested in learning to see aura’s big time but im christian and am afraid that it is evil. Plz christians answer only.

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It’s folly.


if this is magic or spiritisim no its not ok

bonzo the tap dancing chimp

only when staring at naked people


No, it’s not a sin.


Aura’s like in a feeling around a person?
That would be a gift of the Holy Spirit. Aura’s can be sensed by our 7th sense. That would be from our spiritual soul. To see a vision of them, it needs to be God given.
I have felt demons or Godly Angels, but not very often see a clear vision of them. God does let me see a vision of demons to get me to recognize it & take authority over it by the power of Jesus Name.
I have also felt the Godly Angels wings & it would be a sense of where the wing is. They don’t like to let you know what they exactly look like.
Today, my Guardian Angels described himself. About 7’7″+ tall. Golden blond hair. Golden tan skin. Golden brown eyes & white sparkle. White wings & a white robe & Golden sandals. But he won’t let me see a vision of him, but does talk to me much. But he has given me a vision of an impression of a smile, etc.
I would suggest that you read Corinthians about Gods prophetic gifts. Discernment of spiritual is one way the Holy Spirit teaches us. Comparing spiritual with spiritual.


what will you do if you always have a stressed and ugly aura?

this cannot be avoided because of my everyday doings at school, how can i prevent it? tips?

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