is kundalini………………..?

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the secret to life ie: if everyone was enlightend and at piece with themselves ,would that stop the powers that be ruining everything we touch.

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The secret to life is to find your own way, think for your self and not to be shackled by religion or other pyschobable.

sequoia l

Guns, drugs and weapons, alchohol and tobacco would still be in the world.
Whether or not we would all be at peace with ourselves.
There would be ONE person who wouldn’t be.
And he would spread like a virus.

Harold B

Satan is lie a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
Enlightened food tastes as good to a lion as unenlightened food


no but if we all did yoga we might release it as this is the reason for yoga not some stupid exercise as most people believe?


I suspect your question has/will significantly increase the Google search numbers for kundalini. As for the secret to life, most unlikely, why does there even have to be a secret? Isn’t the real ‘secret’ that this is all there is, so make the most of it, and help others to get the most from it.


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