Is Kundalini Yoga Related to Sexual Scandals and Disasters?

Kundalini or the cosmic energy is your life force energy, which keeps your body alive, and can be pictured as a coiled snake living at the base of the spine.Kundalini ‘ literally means, ‘coiled one’.

Kundalini is the primordial universal poweror cosmic energy lies coiled in the Mooladhar chakra (Base or Root Chakra) corresponding to the base of spine, in our body.

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual and a mystical science which teaches the secret Practices and techniques of arousing the Kundalini energy by causing energy to travel up through the spine, by stimulating six chakras in its path (which are the emotional- psychic centres) to reach the Crown chakra, where the individual’s self merges in the universal self and he attains the state of Self-realisation.

When the Kundalini awakens, tremendous power is unleashed. The resulting expansion of consciousness affects every element of our being like our physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, psychic, and spiritual spectrum.

The awakening of Kundalini may be a dramatic experience, the process of Kundalini awakening can vary greatly from person to person. Some have intense physical symptoms, while others experience mainly emotional or psychological symptoms.

Negative thoughts and desire to express negative emotions are the part of the energy rising and cleansing process.

Psychic experiences, extrasensory perception, out-of-body experiences, past life memories, astral travel, contact with spirit guides and invisible entities, dreams or visions are some mental, emotional and psychic symptoms of kundalini rising.

Each chakra has certain negative blocks and basic animal instincts. When kundalini power begins to raise, the negative energy blocks and patterns of that chakra slowly starts to get dissolve and cleansed in the divine cosmic energy.

In this cleansing process if the disciple does not have proper guidance and knowledge of body, mind and soul he may face severe traumatic physical and mental disasters. The worst traumatic results of Kundalini yoga are the manifestation of sexual desires and scandals in a perverted ways.

Some of the derogative sexual behaviours and patterns seen in the disciples of this path are:

Sexual scandals

An advanced kundalini yogi or master is a powerful and a potent charismatic individual who has the ability to influence the minds of others. A number of disciples of Kundalini yoga have experienced a worsening of symptoms as a direct result of energy manipulations performed by master and mentors of this field.

Some powerful masters and strong disciples of Kundalini yoga can easily project themselves in the astral plane. They can sexually abuse the other disciples of same or opposite sex in their dreams by using their etheric double body.

They can also manipulate minds, thoughts and psyche of others to gain sexual favours from the disciples.

In India many disciples of Kundalini yoga have complained of their masters and mentors for having repeated sex and rape in the astral form in their dreams and taking sexual advantages in physical forms by manipulating their minds, emotions and psyche.

Accentuated sexual drive

Kundalini yoga temporarily accentuates the sex drive. The Root chakra is the seat of animal instincts. It controls the unconscious mind. When awakening begins to take place, the unconscious mind materials begin to surface on the conscious mind.

The sudden bust of unconscious mind accentuates the suppressed sexual experiences, thoughts and activities of past and present life in a very traumatic way.

The animal instinct of sexuality increases many folds, the disciple may be lost in the physical and mental of world of deformed and perverted sexuality.

Further with the awakening of second chakra the Naval chakra the craving for sensuous pleasure increases several folds.

Sexual dreams

With the rise of kundalini power, in the process of purification and cleansing the suppressed sexual patterns, memories and emotions stored in unconscious mind are manifested and released in dreams.

The disciple may feel the abnormal and unnatural sexual pleasures and activities in his dreams which are stored in the memory of unconsciousness by the experiences and desires of past and present lives.

Astral rape and sex by invisible entities

The Kundalini power may gives us our first or most unmistakable contact with the invisible world .The living energy makes their vibrant presence in our body and our psyche. They are fierce, powerful, mysterious and enticing.

The disciple may feel extreme emotion of repeated sex and rape by psycho-spiritual subtle bodies of this and outer world entities.

The subtle entities satisfy their sexual urges and gain spiritual power of kundalini energy earned by the disciple.

These types of sexual encounters in dreams or in trance state may induce distress, mental illness and psychosis in the disciple.

Automatic induced orgasms

Sometime in the process of union of the Yin and Yan, the disciple may feel automatic induced multiple spiritual orgasms like sensation in the whole body or its parts.

Automatic induced spiritual orgasm tries to reproduce the cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti, i.e. of Consciousness and Energy without the physical presence of the other partner.




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