Is kundalini yoga meditation good for westerners?

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LMAO, my mom thinks yoga’s evil & that you can get demons by doing it. (because of the meditation).


To the extent that it keeps them away from bars, casinos, and ravages of sexual excesses.


It is good for anybody. Yoga shastra (Science of Yoga) does not recognize artificial barriers created by man. It works for the physical and spiritual well being of all mankind.
Only conditions are 1) Learn it from a qualified person and
2) Practice it regularly.


Kundalini Yoga is not for a particular religion or faith. This is based on well tested techniques, keeping the human evolution(of mind) in view.
A chrisitian will understand his religion better, if he practices Kundalini Yoga (or any yoga that way).
There is no need to convert or change faith… just go for it and see what great Truths Hinduism has been keeping for centuries

Sanjay killing is a fi

no..non killing is a first and must requirement for any yoga


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why is this all new age stuff? its been around a very long time.

If jesus and Buddha met, how do you think the conversation would go?

I really admire Jesus and his philosophy as well as the Buddha. Two wise men.

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