Is Kundalini Shakti serving ongoing spherical webs of magical illusion, pristine wakefulnesses, -?

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far-reaching perfections, skillful expedient devices, and timeless freedoms from conceptual elaborations, all on a steaming hot plate of the vast array of innate purity?
You can fear the Goddess Kundalini Shakti if you want, maybe in a few thousand life times you will come to love her.
Great song! Thanks.
It’s just a dance with words Shivam. ; )
I am told by my Native brothers and sisters they call it Spirit. : )

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His Boy, Sherman

Having experienced Kundalini, my impression now is that it’s demonic


With so many sponges at the bottom of the sea, how come they don’t absorb all the water?

Liberal Asskicker

I doubt it.


Whatever you’re on, I want some.

Ojo: Water is often necessary 🙂

Shivam .

your question passed above my head.
Bherry bhery diphicalt Koshchan again
I do not fear my Mother Kali that is confirmed.


Sathyam , Shivam, Sundaram!

Chevalerie Classe

Do you have other names for it?

Atmo D

Kundalini Shakti served raw on a cold cracked plate in the brightest light of the sun, amidst the depths of the bargain basement of life will definitely shatter the illusions created by our time-bound captivity and sleeping slothfulness, until the Truth of the self is revealed and all conceptual elaborations are shattered.


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