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Is Kundalini meditation dangerous?

I got a guided Kundalini meditation online. I have no way to find a guru to teach me and I would like to awaken the Kundalini on my own.


  1. It’s understandable that trances can be quite terrifying. People who are at risk of epilepsy should not do it alone.

  2. Not at all. Do it on your own. Just meditate and concentrate until you get a ‘tingly’ feeling, and push it until you feel vibrations in different parts of your body. Where you start depends on what you’re good at (thinker – brain, sports – stomach, love/compassion – heart, speaking – throat, etc.)

  3. It can ve very very dangerous if you have a spontaneous Kundalini Rising and you are not at a spiritual level to handle it. It will effectively leave you “mad’. Like being on a permanent acid trip. If you do it gradually and your mind is prepared it will be ok. Just be very careful and research Kundalini Rising. There are quick ways to do it like Qi Qong (not sure of spelling off-hand) but it is also call the ‘dance of madness’ because many students are not ready and they lose their minds.
    Good luck.

  4. It is not the question of dangerous and it is matter of perfection. Kundalini is a snake that resides in the human body. Because of this human beings are alive and it connects the universe by breathing.
    Yes, it is recommended to have the guru because of the following reasons.
    1. When you practice kundalini, you will be separated from the current state and you wll become your inner soul with the universe. So, if you want to come back to your original state, you need to know how to come back.
    2. By practising kundalini, you are taking yourself into the universal concious ness and it will goto the level, where you know what will happen in future and what has happened so far in the universe.
    Scientifically, we are calling it as super consciousness or ESP (Extra Sensitive Power).
    Jesus Christ also practised the kundalini yoga and because of it he has illuminated the body. It is the fact only for Siddha’s who taught him in his previous births. It is only known to him and he will say the same to you.
    You can get more insight in the lalitha sahasranamam. This yoga talks about chakras and which is related to the universal structure. Because of the chakra movement, The child is born too.
    It is the hidden treasure of vedha and you should explore with the raja yaga guru.

  5. The meditation itself isn’t dangerous, but awakening kundalini can be if you’re not prepared for it.
    I had an awakening several months ago, although I did not intentionally pursue it. It just showed up and said, “Here I am!”
    I’ve read reports about awakenings really screwing up people’s lives though. You’re basically turning on a large stream of energy that won’t allow any blocks to get in its way for long. Fortunately, I was in the position where I had dealt with emotional blockages so it could flow mostly free.
    I had underdeveloped brow and crown chakras, however, which lead to migraines until I dealt with it. Once I stimulated them, things became much better. But any underdeveloped chakra can be harmful, especially if they are lower ones. Those ones help keep you grounded and in connection with the physical realm.
    While kundalini can produce blissful feelings, any blockages, emotional or otherwise can be dangerous in the long run if you don’t deal with them properly. On the other hand, I had no guru or master or whatever to help me. I trusted my instincts on what to do.
    I don’t recommend awakening your kundalini though. I got off easy. Others have had it much worse. Spend some time building yourself up and dealing with blockages. Then, come back to it after a while and see where you stand. You’ll be better off in the long run.

  6. go ahead yet it is better to have a as you say G U R U
    there are a few around try
    exhart tolle
    mother meera
    to name a few


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