Home Discussion Forum Is keeping negative thoughts to yourself a sign of evolution development?

Is keeping negative thoughts to yourself a sign of evolution development?

Some evolutionist experts say that future species will be able to communicate through mind reading alone (or maybe telepathy).
So, is keeping a tight lip so not to offend someone with your true thoughts a beginning path to the evolution of mind reading?


  1. Maybe. I imagine that could potentially happen. All that would need to happen is for each person to, instead of having a trapped voice box, be able to emit the vibrations over a distance. Instead of encaving our ear, we could have a radial detector, that works exactly like the ear drum.
    Yea, I could see it happening.
    Edit: I of course mean via radio transmission. Except it would be biological radios! Wouldn’t that be awesome. You could tune your brain into 103.5 FM!
    @ Its a Con Game. I’m not sure where you get your info from. Yes, evolution does show that we evolved from less intelligent beings (as evidenced by physical cranial capacity as well is complexity of tools and products). However, I’m not sure we are 100% convinced that we won’t evolve any further.
    I mean, I personally can see why we might not, but it isn’t because the process stopped working. The usual process is that the strongest (meaning most well adapted) variation survives because it is better adapted.
    However, now there is another kind of selection, human selection. We have the power to choose whether we evolve or not. If a mutated person, with, for example, an extra pair of arms, were to be born, it is likely that they would have an enhanced ability to function. But would it be able to produce offspring? Would female humans be drawn to reproduce with this man? Would medicine even allow him to continue living with his extra limbs, maybe they would amputate.
    We control our evolutionary future.

  2. I look at it more as a sign of maturity. An ideal future for mankind would be having no negative thoughts to transmit by any means.

  3. ever notice how evolutionists 100 percent believe we evolved from a less intelligent species but are also 100 percent certain we won’t evolve into anything more intelligent? And even with all the evolution, they still think humans are no more intelligent than animals? Can an animal theorize?

  4. A common misconception about evolution by NATURAL selection is that it’s all about optimization. Kinda like people will eventually become like X-Men. Evolution is not about optimization. Mind reading? Telepathy? Telekinesis? These are not natural “goals” of evolution.
    It’s about adaptation. It’s about more organisms being born than are dying. You can clearly see this in every species. When you look at humans from an engineering perspective, they’re kludges. Women can still die in childbirth because their pelvises are pretty small (there’s a compromise between being able to walk upright and run and giving childbirth). Prostates are more trouble than they are benefit. Sinuses? Don’t get me started on sinuses.
    The only way that we’d be able to overcome these biological shortcomings is if we as a species started genetically engineering our children. The only way we’d be able to have telepathy and telekinesis is if we developed the technology for it. This is artificial selection. We’re no longer going through evolution in the biological sense. Once it becomes artificial, it’s evolution in a different sense.


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