is karma built up in this life or only for the next life ?[as well?]?

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clearly karma from the past lives gave us this incarnation,
but also reason declares that by our deeds we are to be,
thus surely is the reason to love ,to be generouse in this life that generosity of this life bring good incarnation in the next?
does goodness have its karma?
does bad ness have its future costs?
if so what can we possably do now to make sure?
why did jesus say to love god and love neighbour?
can it be in giving we recieve?
is that fair ?or just ?
or am i a deciever ?
did our spiritual leaders seek us to know or to discover to hide the light or put it on a lampstand ,hold it up for all to see ,to know ?
why were they not more clear?
where could these truths be hidden?
if you know reveal where they are
proove it
or disproove it
to which life ?
now ,then or when?

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Karma is for now, then, and yet to come. You are a thinker, a wonderer, a seeker of knowledge. You won’t find all the answers, but the ones you find will amaze you. Keep looking!

full gospel shirley

Study Gods holy word and you will KNOW. There is no afterlife, other than going to heaven or hell. No other options. Karma doesnt built up. myth.
We either obey God or not. Chosing God leads to heaven , and rejecting God leads to hell. No other way.
We can make sure where we end up by choosing God now, and accepting Jesus as our personal saviour. God says thre is no other way,but thru Jesus, by loving God enough to obey, repent and stop the sinning. To allo God to give us a new heart of love and a desire to live as God asks us to. No other way. How can you know??? By knowing what Gods word says. You ask are these things hidden? NOPE. All in the BIBLe, study and find out for yourself. Takes a bit, but with prayer and study, it all clicks together like a giant puzzle, one piece at at time. There are no contradictions in the Bible, just that some ppl dont know enough yet. Study . Seek and ye shall find.NO KARMA. But God tells us we will be rewarded according to our good works, and there will be different rewards for us there, as some do a lot for God, and some only a little. Start today with GOD. HOw exciting.


Your deeds are accumulating.
Here some guidance for you my friend.
[083:007] Nay! Truly, the Record (writing of the deeds) of the Fujjâr (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, evildoers and the wicked) is (preserved) in Sijjîn.
[083:008] And what will make you know what Sijjîn is?
[083:009] A Register inscribed.
[083:010] Woe that Day to those who deny.
[083:011] Those who deny the Day of Recompense.
[083:012] And none can deny it except every transgressor beyond bounds (in disbelief, oppression and disobedience to Allâh), the sinner!
[083:013] When Our Verses (of the Qur’ân) are recited to him, he says: “Tales of the ancients!”
[083:014] Nay! But on their hearts is the Rân (covering of sins and evil deeds) which they used to earn.
[083:015] Nay! Surely, they (evildoers) will be veiled from seeing their Lord that Day.
[083:016] Then verily, they will indeed enter (and taste) the burning flame of Hell.
[083:017] Then, it will be said to them: “This is what you used to deny!”
[083:018] Nay! Verily, the Record (writing of the deeds) of Al-Abrâr (the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism) is (preserved) in ‘Illiyyûn.
[083:019] And what will make you know what ‘Illiyyûn is?
[083:020] A Register inscribed,
[083:021] To which bear witness those nearest (to Allâh, i.e. the angels).
[083:022] Verily, Al-Abrâr (the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism) will be in Delight (Paradise).
[083:023] On thrones, looking (at all things).
[083:024] You will recognise in their faces the brightness of delight.
[011:114] And perform As-Salât (the prayers), at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night [i.e. the five compulsory Salât (prayers)]. Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds (i.e. small sins). That is a reminder (an advice) for the mindful (those who accept advice).
[011:115] And be patient; verily, Allâh wastes not the reward of the good-doers.

Steve T

I believe we experience the effects of our karma in this lifetime, but there are many who believe we experience karma from past lives. that would really explain few things, but I still believe it is this lifetime only. That is just my belief though.


You question is based on somewhat of a false assumption. You and I are eternal beings and we were never born. We are always in a continuum of life and death is an illusion. So making distinctions between lives is interesting but not necessary. Rebirth is a fact and yet it is somewhat of paradoxical concept. Read Eckhart Tolles’ The Power of Now…It will provide valuable insights into your question and the answers which may help you on your way.


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