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Is Kakashi really dead? Not because of the nail because of his lack of chakra?

the newest chapter of the mangs shows that he will dies because he used he sharingan to save choji
that sucks choza died
oh yeah do you think hes going to die
i think sakura is going to get there and use her medical ninjutsu to heal him
and either yamato or guy will step on that one pain


  1. I think he might die… i really hope he doesnt though!! Kakashi is one of my favorite characters! D:
    And also the fact that he has mangekyo sharingan surprises me… I guess its been known that he has it for a while now… but I didnt know until I read the chapter today 😛

  2. Well my guess is that he is dead unless one of those stupid looking slugs got to him in time but we will have to wait untill nex week

  3. Kakashi is pwn everybody knows that,
    but sad to say it looks like he might die just like jariya or however you spell it.
    in my opinion i have no doubt that they will choji will go to konoha or however you spell it and bring in rienforcements,but i think they will get there too late and pein is gonna be a little bish and run away.

  4. The manga already killed Sasori, then Deidara, then Itachi, then Jiraiya… and now the next one is Kakashi? If they keep killing cool characters, fans will be disappointed especially me. They can’t kill Kakashi! I bet someone is going to save him, besides Tsunade and the group is on their way to join battle.

  5. I THINK HE WILL LIVE.. Team Guy has no appearance since the PEIN’S ATTACK. think about it.. =) and remember Guy saved Kakashi several times. hehehe. =) DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!

  6. i hope not.
    I read naruto in hopes to see kakashi every week.
    i have a huge crush.
    if they kill him i am going to go ‘misery’ on the writer…seriously


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