Home Discussion Forum Is Kahlil Gibran considered a low grade poet? or for teenagers?

Is Kahlil Gibran considered a low grade poet? or for teenagers?

I love him but it seems like not many people know him or it seems usually people in their late teens like him. I’m wondering if maybe I should move on to higher material lol


  1. Kahlil Gibran, is a beloved poet/writer/artist. Many people discover him while in their teens, but others do not. I am his fan. He has written many books, The Prophet, is probably his best known.
    His works were originally written in Arabic, but later in his life he also wrote in English.
    His work lives long after his death, like Shakespeare, Byron, Keats, etc., and he would never be considered a lesser poet. t

  2. Many young people discover Gibran at a time when they have many questions, and he seems to provide answers. He has remained relevant to many people for very many years–if you enjoy his writings, then embrace them. As with all good literary works, they will continue to inspire you with new revelations.

  3. Kahlil Gibran is considered one of the greatest english language poets ever. He is the third all time best selling poet. He is held in high esteem in the writing world. Nothing juvenile or second rate about him


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