Home Discussion Forum Is Kabbalah a Religious Sect being propagated by MADONNA?

Is Kabbalah a Religious Sect being propagated by MADONNA?

Are her children being brought up in this Faith?


  1. Allegedly it was a cause of friction between her and her former husband which contributed to their divorce.

  2. You can’t be a non-Jew and a hooker like that and attempt to learn Kabbalah.
    She’s doing what she always does, trying to get attention.

  3. Masonna is a member of a cult led by one Phil Berg. He claims to be teaching Kaballah, to be a rabbi, to have a PHD, to have been a student of rav Ashlag, one of the foremost Kabbalists of the twneiteth century.
    However, what he teaches is rubbish with no redeeming features (Yep- did you know if you buy a $5000 leatherbound set of Kaballah books in hebrew and Aramaic- that you get spiritual benefit just from looking from the pages even if you cannot read or understand aramaic?) he is not a rabbi, his PHD is a mail order one, he was never a student of Rav Ashlag. In short- he is a fraud using a cult to get money from the gullible.

  4. It’s true that Berg has never studied with Rav Ashlag.He succeded tough in promoting a fake Kabbalah, which has more to do with self-help than anything else.
    Poor Madonna was just caught up in this scheme and is now wasting her money and time.
    If you want to study Kabbalah, you gotta study the original sources, writings of the great kabbalists (Rabash, Ashlag, Ari), with a teacher who has also done that.
    Please, for more info, consult: http://www.kabbalah.info


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