Is June 28, 2008 going to be a good day according to Chinese astrology?





My fiancee is Chinese and her family is very superstitious. They’ll only let us get married on a lucky day. Does anyone know how I can find out if June 28, 2008 will be a lucky day, or should we pick a different day? I’m sorry, I don’t know what category this should be under.


  1. The Chinese astrological calendars generally come out at the beginning of the Chinese new year or at the earliest 3 months before. So wait a few more months to buy one of those and find out for yourself. Usually if the day you choose is unlucky, there will be several other days to choose from. My best advice is to pick a few other days just in case June 28 is “unlucky”.

  2. Chinese like the number 8. 6-28-2008 looks like a good date to me. Why don’t you leave the burden to your fiancee family? I am sure that they are eager to check if it is a lucky day or not. Congratulations.

  3. Do you live near a major city? Try visiting a Chinese grocery/ herbalist. They can refer you to an astrologer. It might cost you a bit (I only know what witches charge- $1/minute, and they have computers to do the hard work), but if it will pave the way to a happier wedding and a more peaceful relationship w/ your in-laws, it will be worth it.

  4. The family is sort of crazy. Don’t marry into that. If you really want to get yourself into that crap, then I guess it is a relatively lucky day.

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