Home Discussion Forum Is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda really Christ's reincarnation?

Is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda really Christ's reincarnation?

His criminal past has led many to question his integrity. He also makes some strange claims. Yet he has has convinced a million people to follow him, especially in Latin America. He professes also to be the anti-Christ, and members of his church tattoo themselves with the number “666,” which Miranda says represents God. His Florida-based movement teaches indulgence without guilt or shame.


  1. He called himself Christ for many years.
    Then a reporter said to him, “If you are Christ then you should be performing miracles.”
    After that he started calling himself the Antichrist.
    He and his followers are Nicoliatanes.

  2. A million? I doubt that figure.
    Jim Jones convinced over 900 people to follow him to South America and then kill themselves or each other.
    Jose Luis etc etc etc is a con man with a lucrative game who should be locked up.

  3. It makes as much sense as any other religion. That is, none.
    Unless they can prove specific crimes, they should let him alone.
    How are his followers different from Catholics, or Protestants, or a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Hindu?
    Only in that they don’t belong to a religious group powerful enough to have much political influence.

  4. People will believe whatever makes them feel good, it is sad that this guy manages to find so many idiots to follow them! I’m no religious expert, but even I know that 666 is the sign of the devil.
    But if the people are from florida so they already have two strikes against them, they helped to screw up the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004!


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