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Is jack white a freemason, or tied to the occult in any way?

Some of his music has definate occultic refrences, like “the black math” and “intimate secretary?


  1. Freemasons are not occult as an organization. Math is not occult in any way. Secretaries have been intimate to their bosses regardless of either the bosses’ religion or theirs.
    Other than that, who is Jack White and why would I care?

  2. According to conspiracy theorists, everyone with any degree of fame and money MUST be involved in occult/masonic activites >< I mean really, it's getting to be ridiculous. I think there must be many bored people out there. I think he's an amazing guitarist, I saw the White Stripes live a couple of years ago.. it was great!. and lyrics are lyrics, in this case.. please tell me your question's a joke? black math? whatever happened to art being art, poetry poetry? black math is an art reference, to Futurist artist John Kane


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