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Is it your belief that meditation just causes the mind to be numb?

In another question, someone suggested that meditation just made your mind numb and empty, and then it was in danger of being filled with wrong thoughts.
I don’t know if they meant it became the Devil’s Playground after that or not.

I’ve never felt that way in meditation, and I wonder if this is a popular Christian belief, that prayer is good but meditation is not.

If you aren’t asking God for anything other than His blessed company and help in becoming a more pure and moral being, doesn’t the line between prayer and meditation dissolve?


  • That is something I have wondered about for years. I have seen first hand what the Indian medicines can do and the meditations. I managed health food stores for over 30 years. I do not want my mind to be blank so don’t numb it either. I just want all those millions of thoughts to settle down a bit. So I praise God with my mind when I meditate. Softly, gently and lovingly tell Him I love Him.

  • I find meditation opens doors to the mind about knowledge, wisdom of the sages, and illuminates the various words they learned and wrote and their lifestyles, how they were affected by meditation, prayer and put into action the various skills they learned to teach the knowledge they have passed down to us as we have today to try and duplicate the beauty, the strength, the righteousness that each of us needs to grow emotionally strong to choose the right path to help each other through the good and the bad times we face each day.

    When I meditate, I can lift up my spirits, and see that all of us are connected and feel the comfort of being a truly Godly spirit in a human being and want to see even more knowledge, more wisdom and more time to put the thoughts into words and good deeds. Thus, prayer too is sort of meditation, & can deeply connect us to our true selves. True meditation can lower our pressure, reduce our stress, heal our bodies, our minds, our souls—we can’t explain all the details, the hows, the whys, but it can nourish parts of us we never knew existed. Perhaps that is why people in comas come out of it after years, or a woman lives long enough to see her first great-grand child graduate.

    Life is a mystery that is why we have both a Godly and an animal soul. It is hard to know what move we make is on the right path or not — that we why we have the ethics of the great sages since the beginning of our humankind. We need their guidance just as much as we need modern mentors to help guide us through life–so that we can cherish all life whether it is our neighbor, or life from the sea, air or so small, we need microscopes. When we all truly learn to go above our own earthly desires and want a real world of peace, loving not only ourselves and family but also our future grandchildren, then we can spend more time in meditation and learning so that we can make this world a place our future generations can live in peacefully with clean air, fresh water, natural food, even take back the desert, and it can only be accomplished when we work together. Life is too short and the damage already has been great, we need each other to make the changes that will be right for all peoples, not just one group or culture.

    So ask God to give you want you need to fulfill your mission here and not what you really want—then perhaps we can all fill in the voids we all have and share our skills for the good of us and the many. We all are here with a purpose to do deeds, the choice whether it will be good or bad is our decision even though God knows our choice. This world is not just a stepping stone to a life many have defined as their own, but a world that needs to be elevated so it can return to be the true Garden of Eden once again–this time will all the righteous ones.

  • Oh my goodness! Not in this mind!
    I spend most of my day in meditation, prayer and here. Even when I am here I am just as close to Him as when He has my undivided attention.

    “doesn’t the line between prayer and meditation dissolve?”
    I don’t ever feel a division or line in communication with the Lord God, unless the phone rings, etc…

    Peace and Blessings

  • My experience is that meditation is any but mind numbing!
    It’s true that you must learn to stop the internal chatter which takes discipline , practice, & dedication.
    Once accomplished many may believe there is only a void or only pure potential, but once entered & experienced it is anything but a void!
    I have meditated for many, many years, & in my experience I have also found that meditation leads to a state of mind first, which will in turn lead to a state of Being.
    The goal is to become that state of Being in all our life.
    Meditation leads to Communion, as does Prayer.
    So yes I agree that the lines blur.
    It is here we come to know & understand what it means to Pray without ceasing.
    Communion, rather perfect Communion is to have become a perfect mirror!
    The perfect mirror is the constant state of Remembrance!
    Great Q!
    Many Blessings!

  • Quietens, calms, not numbs. Unresponsive to all that mind has created(fiction) is often perceived – a misconception – as numb by others.

  • I believe Dave has it wrong regarding the mind. The dissolution if the mind is not the end of awareness and so it must be that the mind and consciousness are not the same thing.

    Meditation is that especial form of concentration wherein the attention is purely absorbed in the awareness of God. While this starts with the ‘thought of God’ it ends in the dissolution of thought and the awakening of pure awareness that transcends thought.

    Many people speak of meditating as concentrating the mind on this or that but the truth is meditation transcends the mental state of concentration. Meditation is the path to prayer because the mind alone cannot effectively pray. That is why so few prayers have spiritual power. They are only of the mind and the heart and soul are not engaged. Meditation is the path to that inner state of deep awareness that knows no separation of self from Self, the direct link and experience of God’s presence within.

    Or so it has been my experience. Namaste’

  • You seem to be defining the mind, as the flow of thoughts that happen in our minds.Our mind is the consciousness that god gave us.
    Consciousness is closest to the conscience, that always advocates goodness, not evil.
    The mind can hold thoughts good or bad, but it is not the thoughts it holds that define it, anymore than a piece of paper is defined by what is written on it.
    Be still and know that i am god said Jesus.
    In the knowing of the stillness we are one.
    Stillness is un-contradictory, stillness is certainty.
    In that certainty we are all children of god.
    Knowing is the opposite of numbness.
    Knowing is arrived at by stilling the ego thoughts.
    Amen is hebrew for om.

  • Prayer is like the start of meditation. Like the first step into the deeper realm that is meditation. To suggest meditation just makes your mind numb, by a religious type or atheist, is mind-boggling. Truly ignorant times. Ah i miss the past.

  • Meditation started a long time ago, it was used to summon spirits, or gods. If you do research and pray that God will open your eyes you will see that these so-called gods are nothing more then demons or fallen angels. Meditation is a way to open the door for these spirits to come in….like playing with Ouija boards, etc. Meditation is also used in Yoga, and other strength trainings. I believe that meditating on Christ is different…you are seeking Christ alone not spirits. I believe praying and reading your Bible are ways of meditating on Christ.

  • No, drugs and rock’n’roll make your mind numb and empty. Meditation helps you realize yourself.

  • Common sense will tell what you need to know. There are actually many different types of meditation, and some even incorporate just observing and analysing your thoughts, throughout the course of a regular day in a busy life. If prayer works for you, then pray. If meditation works for you then meditate. You have to remember religion promotes following a certain discipline but if you follow your own imagination and common sense, who’s to stop you from becoming a good person?

  • I think I saw that comment too. Those who say that meditation makes the mind numb are fearmongering and don’t know what meditation is. The point of meditation is to be MORE aware of one’s inner self and less prone to be tossed around by all kinds of stimuli, so one certainly can’t argue that it is a dangerous state where the devil can enter.

  • (((Sara))) — You sound like a sweet person. However, I am thinking that certain meditational chants (repetitive chants) do cause the mind to go blank. (I have done that type of meditation in Vietnam. Just to give my mind a rest from worry. I woke-up (gained consciousness afterwards and didn’t know anything (very much) for a few minutes – so to say. I suppose it was a type of self-hypnosis — but it included or started with a repetitive chant.

    I am thinking that you are referring to a special type of meditation that gives your mind a restful search for improving your relationship with a higher power or a higher set of ethical standards.

    edit: Nerdlinger said it better than I did.

  • I have never had meditation make my mind numb. It’s a great stress reliever and helps you to put your thoughts in order instead of thinking about a million things at once.

    Prayer is defined by the one praying. Some claim it is communication, others say they do it to get things off of their chest and others use it to try to get God to do things for them. So that line only disappears depending on the definition.

  • There are two kinds of meditation I learned. Focused vs napping.

    I think people recorded very diferent brain activities in both.

    there is no god nor devil, fyi.

  • well come to think about it yes and no some medicines make u feel better because ur thinkin its workin but some actually work

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