Is it wrong to love life so much?

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When I sit outside, and I see the beautiful trees and nice breeze blowing on my face and legs, I want to just stand up and hug the planet.
Anyone else feel this?

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I DO!!!
And NOTHING is wrong with that..


Yep, I feel that way , too. It is a wonderful gift you have been given. Your walking on the good side of life. Hopefully, you will always feel that way.


not for a few years………… you av given me an idea

Elmo Gluckensmackle

John Denver felt the same way. creation is proof of God’s existience according to the Bible. God made some cool stuff here in eight days. he’s been working on heaven for 2k years. must be ok there too.


it is not wrong to love life so much, but you should also know its limitations.


At times yes . when I get to travel and take in all of the wonders of this earth , It makes me feel so greatful to be alive .

More power to you! When you observe the creation around you, you know that there’s a higher power responsible. I wish everyone was like you, maybe we’ll have less pollution.


no its not wrong at all,you just love the planet,


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