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Is it wrong that I think of Wicca as a school of thought?

I’ve been looking at Wicca and studying up, and even though I agree with the basic ideas, I can’t say that I see Wicca as a religion per say. I see it as a school of thought more than a religion. So, to any practitioners, am I wrong to see it this way?


  1. Yes, it is. Wicca isn’t a school of thought. Skepticism is a school of thought. Stoicism and Cynicism are schools of thought.
    Wicca is just hocus-pocus quasi-religion dressed up in pretty words to appeal to teenage girls. It has no philosophical basis, it’s just wishful thinking.

  2. No, because Wiccanism is at its best a mystery religion, and at its worst just a small group of psychotic lesbians running around naked. The point of it is based around the rituals, not the innate beliefs itself.

  3. It tells me that you haven’t really experienced it as a religion, which makes me sort of sad for you. Really.
    It is an experiential religion, after all.
    As long as you aren’t also claiming to be an expert in it, I’m not sure why anyone should care how a non-Wiccan views Wicca,

  4. I would not agree with you.
    When my family offers prayers every day at the family altar, when we celebrate holidays that we decorate for and plan our big meals and invite friends/family, when we tell the kids stories that illustrate lessons about our faith, etc., it feels very much like a religion to me.
    I find a hard time thinking of it as a school of thought because there are so many different schools of thought within Wicca.

  5. I think I know what you are saying. Wicca doesn’t have doctrine that tells you what to believe. It give you guidelines on how to conduct yourself and has a basic structure on how to go about honoring the Gods. As my High Priestess once said (paraphrasing here because I don’t remember it word for word): “Wicca doesn’t tell us what to believe, but is a set of instructions telling us how to carry out our beliefs”

  6. Well, without you giving any justification on why you see it as a school of thought, I can’t really comment beyond that I disagree with you, and I suspect you’re working with a highly wonky definition of “Wicca.”

  7. Yes. We worship deities, practise ritual and observe holidays. We hold beliefs about a higher power (or powers) and we honour those powers according to set traditions. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that and the term religion is a little more complex that just those few things, but I don’t feel like writing an essay on it.
    We have morals and ethics that could probably be categorised under certain schools of thought, but that is a part of the religion as much as anything else.


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