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Is it wrong of me to yell at an old lady?

Usually I’m a respectful person especially to the old people who are nice and NOT b!tc#y and senial. I was picking some donuts and also on the phone with my mom who called to remind me to get some other items for her while I was there. This old lady around her 70’s reached in front of me to grab a donut and told me “You shouldn’t leave your basket lying around because it’s dangerous, people could fall”. Then she turned and gave me a little sarcastic smile. Then I gave her a “are you serious do you think I care” look and all of a sudden she says “don’t give me that look…all you had to do was carry the basket jeez”. I told her if she saw the basket in the first place especially with her bi-focals then i’m sure people with common sense can look down and see a basket. I told her not to make my life miserable just because hers is and she had no right to be a smartass. To be honest, talking on the phone, holding a purse, holding a basket that knocks you back when you walk up to the glass door of the donuts is NOT easy. Then she calls me an evil witch afterwards. Some old people I love speaking with, old hags like her I have to be unpleasant to sometimes. Some people say she deserved it for being wrongfully rude when I did nothing, some people say I should’ve let it go. But hey, you wanna be a b!tch i’ll be one right back. Am I wrong?
She had no intentions of giving advice, she said everything with a smirk. I’m sorry but no matter how much respect you THINK you deserve, if you’re rude you shouldn’t expect any type of respect back. I also don’t accept any smartaleck’s talking to me like i’m some dumb woman. Let alone her extending her hand in front of my face…no. That’s rude on her part. JUST because you’re old doesn’t mean you deserve respect. I honestly treat people with respect if i’m given it. There are ALOT more nice old people out there and she is unfortunately one of the unpleasant ones that walks around unhappy.
May I add the basket was on the floor of the left side of me where she wasn’t standing? I’m sorry, but there are just people who are unhappy with their lives that just wants to take it out on everybody else. How many people leave their carts unattended at a grocery store that nobody comments about?


  1. Of course you were wrong. It is never acceptable to yell an anyone, regardless of age. Far beyond just being rude, you acted like an immature, boorish jerk. When you are in public, you are responsible for keeping a hold of your belongings and purchases. Sounds like she was just asking you to look after your stuff, and you made an ass of yourself by going off on her.

  2. This is what is called the generation gap. You think you’re different but you both sound like the same personality type which in my opinion is hilarious

  3. Yes, you were in the wrong and not only were you in the wrong, but you were excessively nasty whilst being wrong. I’d feel pretty ashamed of myself if I were you. The elderly lady had a point in that leaving a basket on the floor in a crowded place is dangerous. You should have focused upon doing one thing at a time, buy the doughnuts and then have a chat on the phone, then you’d not have inconvenienced others and you’d not have experienced an altercation. I hate seeing the elderly bullied.
    – Pepper.
    Edit: If you want to “ask a question” but you don’t wish to receive answers that conflict with your perception of events then don’t ask it within this forum – or it’s considered to be a rant. Furthermore, don’t omit details and then tell us all off because we weren’t there and we can’t read your mind. We’ve each done the best we can with the information you have supplied.
    After your ranting, here, I’m still in favour of the old lady because you’ve shown your nasty side to all of us. What will your next rant be about? How a group of people dared to disagree with you and you told us all off and you want affirmative confirmation of your behaviour? I’m sorry that I even took the time to read your rant.

  4. Just let it go cuz sometimes old people can act immature about certain things.
    Just ignore it and let it go. Sometimes seniors act like babies.
    Maybe she just needs a diaper change. lol

  5. I remember checking out Tomatos at a grocery store..Then this old bloke runs into me and says…Can you move out of my way…
    I told him – you can go around me, or wait until I’m finished. I need tomatoes.
    Good on you for standing up for yourself.
    Old people wonder why young ppl have no respect – its because we aren’t given any. Lead by example OLD generations…something may just rub off. But when they lead with such misery, of course they are going to get misery returned.
    We live in a society, and that means everyone has to play nicely.

  6. I side with the old lady on this. She was giving you a good piece of advice. You should not be trying to do so many things at once that it hinders your ability to do things safely….My guess is you drive talking on the cell phone EVEN when you have kids in the car thinking you are capable. Probably don’t even realize you’ve slowed down to 30mph in a 50 zone and other drivers are wondering what the heck your doing. OK, I’m done my rant

  7. I don’t think you’re wrong. That lady sounds like she is a pretty spiteful person with some kind of chip on her shoulder. Peoples age doesn’t give them right to be rude or nasty.

  8. wow yea you had your right to yell at her and no just cuz shes old doesn’t mean anything we are all the same HUMANS so it doesn’t mean just cuz shes old doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have said anything i would have done the same so dont feel bad!

  9. Very wrong, and you should not be yakking on your phone either, that is so rude and so obnoxious I loathe people who do that and you’re rude to her on top of it? Well, if you live long enough to be her age hopefully people will treat you the way you treated her then you will learn first hand how horrible you were. Your mother must be so proud.

  10. OMG, are you one of those people that will go on & on about something? I hate people like this. So you yelled at old lady, big whoop!!! Now stop looking for validation because you think you’ve been wronged.
    LET IT GO!!!!!
    Update on your update:
    You obviously don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, so why are you asking the rest of us?
    I think you love the attention your getting here cause this doesn’t even seem like that big of a deal to me.

  11. LOL. I don’t think it was wrong of you. I think you should’ve let the lady say what she said and then have her go whine at somebody else who could’ve been a lot worse at her. Then you could laugh. At least you didn’t push her or anything. True there are tons of older people who are nice, but some of them are just mad at the world that they’re old. I know for sure im not going to be crazy when I get old.

  12. You were in the wrong. From all you said about the situation, you should have simply acknowledged the comment and moved on. You had the opportunity to be the more mature one here, and you blew it. She appeared to have been in the wrong to reach in front of you without at least saying “excuse me.” That is my call.

  13. I wasn’t going to say anything but seeing the people’s answers on here I had to give my input. Elderly’s assume they’re rulers of the world.I work in a retirement home and they’re all so lovely. But may I add there are nice ones and I guess I should say not so nice ones. One of my grandmothers are the same way. She complains about why people stop coming to see her. I love her to death but she’s not delightful to be around with. That’s what I have to tell myself when I’m being yelled at because nobody comes to see them. Which is probably the reason why they’re in a retirement home. I understand you didn’t like the fact that she was rude to you, but i’m sure if she’s mean to you she’s a lot more of a pain in the butt to everyone else she encounters with. Just know that the unhappy ones see their deathbeds earlier so don’t let someone’s immaturity ruin your happiness because you’ll be right alongside with them. I’ve had my share of arguments with those people even when they’re not old when I was back in high school, but now I just laugh at them.
    P.S. Don’t listen to people who think you were being an ass. Many yahoo people come on here to be judgmental. I’m sure you’re a nice person just to be on the fair side. Just let old people like that go on with their life with their remarks and don’t pay them any attention.


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