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is it wrong if i am give reiki attunement and treatment for free?


  1. Reiki is a ridiculous practice, and I will post here with the same response with which I replied to another question. Any “health practitioner” who claims to heal the sick with bolts of energy shooting from their fingertips is nothing more than a quack and a con-artist. I can’t believe that people actually buy into this crap. I’ve seen patients at the hospital pay good money for performances like this. It’s shameful and the practitioners preying on the sick and the desparate this way should be ashamed of themselves.
    If your goal in life is to heal the sick, then do the work – go to medical school. There’s no shortcut.

  2. You can do as you wish…
    and to give something to someone that is free is a gift, and giving a gift is never wrong.

  3. If you use it to coerce the person into paying for your services later, I guess it’s unethical. From an energetic practicitioner standpoint, while Reiki isn’t the greatest technique, it’s one where you can’t harm the patient (but it can mess up the reiki person). If you want to be a healer and heal people, go right ahead. Doing stuff like this is at the very least a great way to make friends. I went to a (free) event like burning man, where lots of people put on free things to help/entertain other people, and there were some reiki people giving free reike sessions. It worked well, helped some people, and everyone was happy. My only experience was in the woods with some hippies, so I have no idea if that would correlate to you.
    So otherwise, the anti alternative medicine people have drawn some interesting positions here.
    “If your goal in life is to heal the sick, then do the work – go to medical school. There’s no shortcut.”
    While I disagree with this statement for a long litany of reasons, it’s nice to see the true position stated directly.
    and once again our good friend Kalos comes along!
    Hi, if I do something that is harmless and offer it for free, is that bad?
    Hi, I’m kalos and I hate alternative medicine, so yes, it’s bad, although I don’t have any basis for saying so since you are neither defrauding people nor hurting them (since it’s all make believe, nothing happens, therefore it also must be harmless).

  4. I don’t think so. I’ve been practicing reiki for 5 or 6 years now, and I have yet to charge anyone for it. Granted, I don’t have a proper practice, I just do it on the fly if someone asks, but to me it seems strange to charge for something that comes free.

  5. Wow! This topic really brings out the trolls! The ethics of reiki is a sticky subject and it’s not a black-and-white one, either. I’m really glad you asked this.
    The vast majority of professionals agree that some form of payment should be used, even if it’s the barter system (in my opinion, a far better way to go). The reason for this is that *Americans in particular* tend to put more value on something they have to pay for. It’s that “if it costs nothing it must be worth nothing” attitude. Obviously, people within the profession know better.
    A practitioner with third level certification and the ability to offer attunements has had to pay for the training they recieved. It makes sense to ask for compensation when they use that training. Not only does it weed out the parasites, but it shows a certain level of respect for the practitioner, who has certainly earned that.
    And this is where I feel the barter system is best applied. You could offer ongoing treatments to an individual who makes lovely jewelry in exchange for a custom made piece, for instance. Or one treatment in exchange for raking leaves. Perhaps treatment in exchange for lessons in your client’s specialty.
    Basically, you have a GIFT. It is up to you how you use it. But I would encourage you to see the value of that gift and allow yourself to be compensated for using it. This has nothing to do with greed, mind you. It has more to do with self-respect and the need for others to respect the energy they are receiving. I hope this makes sense.

  6. there is always this debate en every Reiki community I have experienced. Some think it is wrong to charge others think it is wrong not to charge.
    You have invest time, probably money in addition to heart and soul into learning and practicing Reiki and you are giving of your time and talents to another.
    There is nothing wrong with working for no money but it is a good idea to create some form of energy exchange so that the receiver places a value on your time and so that you don’t get burned out.
    I generally charge for my services but when the client can not pay or desires a trade I have done the work for vegetables from someones garden, beaded necklaces the client made, putting my business card out. I have a client I have been working with for a year now who is too sick to work and with him the exchange is that I know I am doing the right thing.
    This is very much an individual choice. Make the choice that leaves you feeling good and valued and keeps you wanting to share the Reiki.

  7. Some excellent and thoughtful answers.
    I have had the same question myself. The answer I came up with was “No, it is not wrong.” Even though I paid to learn this & took the time to travel to the attunements, now that it’s done, like carpentry or any other skill, it’s my choice how to use it & who to share it with.
    I have found, however, two harmful attitudes arise, which might not arise if people (read Americans) paid something, even for barter.:
    1) That Reiki has something to do with belief, like some kind of New Age religious ritual. It does not whatsoever.
    2) That because it was so easy/free, that it is not worth practicing.
    Because of finding these two attitudes repeated, I have not attuned anyone for free in some time. So please think about these things, and then make the choice that you feel will benefit people the most. That’s what Reiki is all about anyway.
    Reiki energy to everyone,

  8. I think the more appropriate question is are you in a position to give it for free. There is no harm in charging, or giving it for free. When the money becomes more important than spreading Light to others, then there is a problem.
    As as to the person who says we’re full of it… We’re happy, and we help others to be happy. You sound like you have a lot of bottled-up anger. Which one of us is better off?

  9. I don’t think its wrong to give Reiki for Free. I give Free Reiki sessions to the Cancer Patients at CTRC/University Health Science Center. They need it. I charge for Hospice Home Health visits because it cost me time and money and because the medical/insurance system will pay for my time and effort..
    I teach classes for a fee that is coordinated with the College I work with because it only makes sense. I think the time of the outrageous fees for classes is over and Reiki is becoming more mainstream.


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