Is it wrong for me to learn how to use my chakra?

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I am a christian and am interested in training myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and I want to learn how to use my chakra. but i am do not know if it is evil or not. is it a form of witch craft? I dont want to be involved with any sort of evil practice against God. plz christian answers only.

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sounds New Age to me and I stay away from New Age stuff.


No, it is not it is perfectly normal.
By all means, put some double A batteries in that monster and get busy doing the nasty on your nasty.
Hit that high C note honey


The term “Chakra” is not a particularly Christian one, but it is also not antithetical to the faith. Personally, I think its a bit silly, but if it floats your boat, go for it!

Child of Ape

don’t go in for all that chakra stuff. it’s all about the power of the mind. simple meditation and physical conditioning will give you better control, that’s all. chakras are bunk.

Vanity W.

I only know that when I took Tae Kwon Do, some of it required meditation where you were to release from your mind, everything and anything. Spiritually, it is said that when you are in this state that demons can enter your body. Whether it can or can’t I was overwhelmingly powerful and did great feats that amazed myself..With anything of this nature, in order to keep your body this strong or fit, you must continue it the rest of your life, I found that I did incredible damage to my bones and am paying for it today.
The Bible states that you should not harden your bodies or necks for fighting because when the time comes to fight you will be ready anyway. Since I studied the Bible so much, I stopped Tae Kwon do. Whether this has any bearing on you or not, I don’t know, but wish you luck with whatever you decide.


Well, if you want to go rigidly with the Bible, the Bible does not mention chakras.
The concept of chakras come from Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. They are energy centers in the body.
I don’t see why you can’t be a little eclectic and learn about energy centers and still keep your Christian faith. But I suppose it depends on how liberal or conservative your church is.


I hope that you do not think so lowly of God, that you assume he is sharing our human intolerances.
There are many ways to utilise your inner strength! Since all ideas are inspired by God, the idea of the chakra must be inspired by him, too. If you learn, you will be closer to him!


You means Chakras, there are 7 major ones, & hundreds more.
Contrary to some beliefs it is nothing new age. It is connected to most eastern religions & philosophies. You have a spiritual body of which your chakras are a very big part, explore it & them.
Evil is a state of mind, do not have that state of mind & you will have no evil in your practice.
see profile 🙂


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