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Is it wrong for me to believe there is a heaven if I am a of a Shaman type religion?

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I love this heaven stuff, must be because of how its used in Media, etc. As in Heaven ain’t hard 2 find… etc and yeah I hope you know what I mean lol <_<


  1. I dont think it is, not in my opinion at least, its your choice if you want to believe it or not. I have alot of stuff in my religion that im not supposed to believe, but i believe them anyway, cant help it >.>”

  2. Even if your an atheist, you long for utopia.
    Its in-built- and I disagree that we must fight it.
    Why is is in-built?
    Thats the question you must ask.
    is great on this.
    I have to go- crows attacking my garbage can! Cant wait for a better place, either. 🙂
    Dont know much about Shaman religion- maybe you can tell me-Jesus’ blessings.

  3. I would hold nothing against you.
    Personally, I am a solo practioner of Wicca, and Wiccas belive in reincarnation.
    As for myself, I think there is an afterlife, but it looks kind of like a hotel lobby mixed with a train station, just a place to put you feet up before you are born again.


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