Is it wise to attempt to climb on the ladder of ascension from matter with muddy feet?

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Yes because the mud will fall off as you climb.

Lha Bho

So you are the asshole who muddied the ladder !

Dances with Kali

I will say we must have muddy feet. It is due to the roots of a tree, its foundation in the Earth that it can ascend skyward.

Gail E

Doesn’t matter. It’s not your feet but your presence of being that counts.

Ask Swami

Sounds like an excellent question for a rice field worker.

mr green tie

there is no way to start climbing the ladder of ascension without muddy feet. There is a good reason for why this ladder is often called a slippery slope, the lower rungs are coated with the muck and refuse from different attempts that you have made to climb it in the past. fortunately it is a very tall ladder, as you climb you will find the rungs become clean as you knock your boots clean on the earlier steps. unfortunately as you get to the clean rungs you will find the atmosphere around you getting thin.

Pat, or that Jesus guy

It is wise to do what I did, which is a *yes* answer to your question. I use to play in heavy metal rock and roll bands. The 1st song I learned and played in public was Stairway to Heaven. I lived a wild life of sin in the rock and roll life. But I found the Lord and I’m on the ladder that IS the Stairway to Heaven even though my feet were muddy of sin. But I got washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and He set me free from my slavery to sin. Hallelujah!

Just Be

There are no wrong starting places & we all must begin where we are!
Many Blessings!

path less travelled

Wise? Is there any other way?


How else are ya gonna get cleaned up?
It gets a bit tricky when you’ve got jelly for legs, slippery feet, and your hands can’t grasp the next rung.
I’m grateful for the many, who were always one step ahead of me….for looking back and pulling me up when I was falling.
I thank those who gave me a leg to stand on, when I had none.
And for those who reinforced the ladder, when my weight became too much to bear…. My sincerest appreciation I do give.
Thanks for climbing with me claptic.


” Just as the sun illumines the whole world, so also the Supreme Self illumines the whole field”
Bhagavad Gita
Equanimity to transcend our dual perception. To think that we are in Heaven is the same error as being in the mud.


Better for decension of anti matter. Suggest going feat first.


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