Is it true; upon spiritual awakening?

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one has completed past life karma ? And the ‘awakening’ is beginning of a new one ?
What are your thoughts ?

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♓ Josh Alfred ➒

Kamma is a word that means cause and effect. Every cause and effect, event, can be thought of as good or positive, or bad and negative for the being involved in them.
What is spiritual awakening really? Maybe you just mean awareness, a biological process.
I also don’t believe in spiritual reincarnation. If I did I would question, how would I know anything about my past life? Especially since I barely know much about causes and effects in this life?

Carpet Bomb

My thoughts are that Karma, in this sense, just doesn’t exist.

God Despises The IRS

you say “spiritual awakening”. Let’s eliminate the word “spiritual” for a second, it’s too undefined. That is, you may have ONE way of defining it, I may have another, someone else has a third and there is just no UNDERSTANDING or agreement between us.
So lets just use awakening.
When you are in bed, “asleep”, that is a state of consciousness in which the only centers that are operating in you are your intinctive center and your emotional center (only if you are dreaming). This will keep your body alive. This continues for several hours.
Then you “wake up”. You are now in the second state. (first state is ordinary sleep, second state is ordinary “consciousness”). You compare it to first state and say “I am awake”.
But it’s not really true. Second state is really just “waking sleep”. There’s not that much difference between the two states.
If you were to attempt to remember yourself, to be aware of your awareness, aware of yourself existing RIGHT NOW, in the moment, you might notice that your attention is no longer like this you→object but now it’s like this you ↔ object. This is called DIVIDED ATTENTION. You are aware of yourself being aware of the situation you are in. It’s also sometimes called self-remembering.
It’s very difficult to maintain this sense of yourself IN the situation. Because everything in life is designed to DISTRACT us from remembering ourselves. For example, if you try it, you might notice you can only last for about 10 or 15 seconds before you “fall asleep” and it takes effort to reconnect to your awareness.
But at some point, you forget about even trying to reconnect. The phone rings, you look at the time and you are instantly swept up into your normal state, which is called IDENTIFICATION. You become identified. You had been partially awake but now you’ve fallen asleep again. And you may even succeed in convincing yourself that you’re still awake.
But if you were to persist in your efforts, (and make no mistake. This is a VERY long study. We ALWAYS underestimate the time it takes to awaken) there may come a time when someone says something to you, you read something (it has to be very specific what is said or what is read) and in an instant
I guarantee, you will not receive a greater surprise in your life any time soon. In that one instant, you will realize that everything you heard about awakening couldn’t POSSIBLY convey what awakening is really like. Because everything you heard about awakening NEVER INCLUDED YOU, personally. But once you awaken, the personal-ness of the universe becomes at once apparent. Forget about that poem “a man said to the universe”. It is NOTHING like that. Not in the smallest degree.
You are liberated IMMEDIATELY. But of course, not completely. But the liberation you experience is still overwhelming. Trust me on this. You will not believe how immense is the sudden feeling of UTTER FREEDOM. It will leave you speechless.
And yet, this is only awakening. It’s NOT the permanent penetration of the third state of consciousness. You have simply ENTERED THE WAY. You now begin a very long journey of discovering, in yourself things that are useful, things that are not useful and things that are actually harmful to your evolution of consciousness. Eliminating the things that prevent you from remembering yourself is the first task you must do and this involves much suffering. Seeing yourself as others see you is always extremely difficult. This is the true value of shame. It makes us CHANGE.
Once in the third state, a new function appears in your psyche, it’s part of your higher emotional center, which center is NOT available to us in ordinary “consciousness”. This center has properties which appear MAGICAL to ordinary consciousness.
Hans Christian Andersen wrote about this center in his story “The Nightingale”. And Solomon, in the bible, wrote about this center when he spoke of “Wisdom”.
Yes. It is true. Higher states of consciousness are real. But you must first clean up your inner world and that comes at a price of sacrifice, of efforts, of SUPER efforts and voluntary suffering.


Well, that is what happened to me. I awakened as a child and had to start over, however I am taking care of the former life because I am in this former body with a SS number and an identity that is “Amanda” to all who knew me.
I don’t feel like “Amanda” at all. The awakening was so profound and only a mere couple of people really understand what happened to me.
I remember praying for years to God that I could feel this peace and contentment that others felt. I would see people raise their hands in church and I wanted to feel what they felt and part of me was embarrassed for being there with those strange people.
I did not realize it was an “awakening” until about 2 years later…August 2007. The “void” had been filled. Could God have answered my pleadings? or was it just a fluke? or a “soul-walk-in”?
In 2008 I heard drums in downtown Asheville and ran to them lifting my arms and dancing with the others getting lost in the energy. I said, “hey this is just like that church I went to where everyone raises their arms”. October 10, 2005 I awakened within moments and all those binds that had me trapped broke away. They have never come back, but they try to. I think Lyra said, ” Once you are enlightened, you have no idea the responsibility that comes with it”.
I haven’t completed my past life because it naturally came with the territory.


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