Sunday, September 26, 2021

is it true that you can be in any emotional state you want to be?

i read about this and they say when you choose the state you want to be in and then the longer you stay in that state it and then this state goes in your subconscious mind and this state becomes your natural state. is that true?


  1. I could see this being true, but I’m sure it requires a lot of focus. I bet medidation would help if this was your goal. I tend to get swept up in the day-to-day rythym of life, and sometimes that leads my emotions without me really being aware of it in the moment.

  2. This takes a lot of self-convincing. You can talk yourself into being sick with the flu and make yourself throw up if you wanted to. Anyone can talk themselves into any state of mind if they really thought about it. This plays a large part in athletics and mental toughness. Saying, “I can’t” -things like that, and studies even show that when you’re telling yourselves these things, your mind acts accordingly. So I say yes, you can be whatever you want to be, I’m sure it happens all the time with different people and different capacities.

  3. for to achieve the best emotional state
    one should be convicted of ones leaning to ones own understandings
    that are not consistent and in rebellion against how all were originally created…
    Ecc 7:29 Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.
    thus an emotional state one desires cannot be maintained
    except by the grace and mercy of god
    in order to teach the soul what god requires of all
    honesty about the state of ones soul from a murky past
    that it must be willing to be convicted of and confess and repent
    and accept the holy spirit that can then teach
    what the true state of joyful emotions is all about
    unless it is truely upright
    and one is one with ones creator
    by way of a compassionate emotional state as jesus
    where one truly knows and does…
    considers the needs of others before ones own
    and not just in ones own mind
    full of its inconsistent devices of self justification
    but by way of being justified by true faith in god

  4. Yes and no. Actors appear to do this all the time and many will swear they do. However, emotions are a definite physio-biological state. If you call up an emotion, it is just acting. The cognitive portion of your brain is still monitoring what and how you do it. When “true” emotion occurs the cognitive portion of your brain is a partially shutout because you emotion will overpower it. You will do things even though a portion of your cognitive function is screaming at you. It is almost as if a part of you was standing aside and watching. Also, many of your endocrines are kicking in and your BP is rising as you become slightly acidotic from rapid breathing to supply a racing heart. Should your emotion be so strong and intense as to completely shutdown you cognitive function, you will do almost anything and everything. Some of them to your later amazement. It is in this state that crimes of passion are committed.
    As for our “normal” state, we will use what works. There is a joke about the even tempered guy. He was mad all the time. You can train yourself to display a certain temperament, but you cannot train your emotions to anything that will not work for you. If you try, you will become ill and that is we call stress. It is our biggest health problem of today because we use our cultivated temperament to hide the real emotional turmoil. As the man once said, “We all live lives of quiet desperation.”

  5. You have probably heard people talk about the power of the subconscious mind. Depending on your frame of mind, you may either view this with some degree of curiosity or with skepticism. The truth though is that the powers of the subconscious are real and underrated. If you are willing to consider this concept with an open mind, you may be able to pave the way to genuine happiness and accomplishment.
    Mind power techniques are very real. Learning and practicing these techniques are fun and easy. As with any technique you learn practice makes perfect. Tapping into the power of your mind can get you just about anything you want. It can especially give you a very positive outlook on life and able to face just about any challenge you come across. Mind control techniques work. They most recently got me through being laid off of my job of 8 years.

  6. Sounds like crap to me. Wishful thinking… I mean there are things you can do to try to calm anger or biofeedback…but you can’t “decide” not to be in love anymore or not to be depressed.


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