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is it true that you attract spirits that lock on to you after tarot card reading?

I forget who told me it but I’m almost sure that I heard of it.


  1. Tarot Cards are straight from the pit. You are told in the scriptures to avoid messing with such stuff. Look to God for your tomorrows not Satan.

  2. i do think you open some screwed up doors when you play with that stuff. When doors get open things can come through and hang around you.

  3. Yes.
    It is also true that after you eat a turkey club sandwich, leprechauns come and bite your feet off and replace them with cyborg attachments.

  4. I don’t know about locking in spirits but certainly inviting them does come about anytime you open your soul the the other side. Spiritual warfare is something not to be taken lightly. Satan loves it when you seem interested in the tiniest bit, so I would be very careful. When you start delving into things that are evil or have an evilness about them, you are opening yourself up for unpleasant things

  5. Maybe if you’re using a ouija board where the intent is to talk to otherworldly spirits. But not through tarot, no. It is use of self-emmanating energy.

  6. tarot cards are part of witchcraft. When you participate with that demonic stuff you open a door for a demon to legally enter.
    In most cases it matters not, because all people who are not truly born again and followers of Yeshua the Messiah, have demons. Having a few more makes no significant difference.
    The problem arises only when a secular person decides to get “born again”, then satan activates all the demons in that person to keep them from accepting Yeshua into their heart. That’s the struggle. Normally satan doesn’t bother secular people who he already has control of. He just usually lies, deceives and destroys them. Usually through illness. Almost all illness (about 90%) is because of satan, directly or indirectly. His demons of infirmity are what disease is. Think about it for a moment: DIS-EASE!!!
    That is his job.

  7. First, understand the difference between spirit “oppression” and spirit “possession”.
    Oppression is when a spirit is influencing you from the outside. Clinging on, hanging around, or by other means causing you influence from the outside.
    Possession is when the spirit is within and controlling a person.
    What you are talking about is spirit “oppression”. We pick up evil spirits in many different ways, watching ungodly shows, listening to ungodly music, hanging around ungodly people, and playing or participating in other ungodly activities such as tarot cards, drinking, drugs, and some games to just name a few.
    These spirits cling on or hang around us to cause us to do things that we should not…specifically to continue in the ungodly activities that we were involved in when we got them.
    As we walk through life, these spirits seek out others who have the same “spirit” around them. This is where we get the term “familiar spirits”.
    This is why an alcoholic, homosexual, or abusive person can walk into a room and be “drawn” to someone else in the room who has the same problems. These “familiar spirits” draw us together.
    It works the opposite as well. A Christian who has the “spirit” of God in their life will be drawn to others who have the same spirit about them.
    After a time, and at some point where we give in to these spirits, they move from “oppression” to “possession, and now, instead of simply influencing us, they start controlling us. This is where a person moves from simply “liking a beer now and then” to becoming an alcoholic. Or when a a person with an “angry spirit” becomes a wife beater, or when a person with a “free spirit” becomes a homosexual or child molester….and so on.
    So, “YES” it is true.

  8. NO! That’s usually spoken about from people that look down on Tarot cards. If that were true, think of all the people that get readings in their lives!


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