Is it true that yoga can turn around or deter sexual dysfunction in males?

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Being a male who has a quite healthy libido and testosterone levels, I have generalized anxiety problems as well as ADD.
I noticed that anxiety (according to my doctor), coupled with my medications to subside depression (tried them all for ‘no sexual effects’), is the culprit.
That said, and having an impending interest in practicing yoga, I know there are certain positions that can help?


  1. Yoga doesn’t do anything…it’s the loss of semen that really matters. The loss of semen is destructive to the male body…I can only tell you to open your eyes and see…look at yourself and at others you know who revel in sex and see how it makes you fat and weak.

  2. Exercise helps the heart, and eases depression. So Yoga will help some.
    Stress is bad for the heart and arteries, and blockages can develop. S.D. can be from situational anxiety combined with blocked arteries.
    You need to just decide to be more content, and get some things in your life that make you happier. The S.D will clear up. Try volunteering to help others, any way you can help. You’ll also meet nice people.
    Eat a lot more fruit and veggies. It will help your arteries. You’ll be “up” again in a few months.

  3. Yoga can help calm down stress, anxiety and depression, so it is worth a shot. It is not going to be miracle cure, however. You will need to invest significant time into doing it, just doing a few poses here and there isn’t going to do the trick. I would recommend trying out a few classes until you find a teacher and style that you like and then start going 3 or 4 times a week. Or hire a private instructor who can help you build a home practice based on your needs
    The poses that are reported to be especially beneficial for anxiety and depression are back bends and inversions, but both of those you should learn with a teacher, because they aren’t without risk of injury.


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