Home Discussion Forum Is it true that Wiccan is the fastest growing religion in America?

Is it true that Wiccan is the fastest growing religion in America?

I saw statistics somewherese which shows how religion tends to grow and decrease in usa and wiccan is the fastest growing religion in america.is true?


    91% of Americans believe in God. Almost half of all Americans reject the theory of evolution. 82% of Americans say they are Christian. One-third of all college graduates say they ACCEPT the Biblical account of Creation AS FACT…..according to latest Newsweek poll — March 30, 2007.

  2. I saw this statistic. To my knowledge it is the fastest-growing, but partly because a lot of teenagers claim to be wiccan in an attempt to piss off their parents

  3. answer: its possible, yes. People are realizing that there are more options than just various denominations of Christianity and are finding that Wicca and other pagan religions are tolerant, beautiful religions.

  4. Yes that is true at least for those that will admit to it. There are many politically active Wiccans as well. You can get more information through About.com Paganism/Wicca
    Finally a good question under R&S!

  5. So they say…
    “The American Religious Identification Survey gives Wicca an average annual growth of 143% / 11,454 for the period 1990 to 2001 (8,000→134,000 – U.S. data / similar for Canada & Australia).”

  6. Perhaps in relation to it’s current numbers, but other than that I would have to disagree with you. Where’d you get this info from?

  7. According to religioustolerance.org, yes.
    @ Rev Albert Einstein: That’s extremely sad and NOT something to be proud of.
    @ Robert Turski: Citation needed.

  8. It’s possible, but I’d guess that about 40% of all Wiccans are smart-alek high school kids trying to scare their parents, or college kids that have become disenfranchised with faith in general and play around with “Wicca” for a coupe of years before returning to their actual faith..
    That’s what I saw time after time in college. Especially in art school.
    Luckily I wasn’t one of them.

  9. Not current statistics but…
    In a survey conducted by the City University of New York, between the years of 1990 and 2001 there was a growth of 1675%. The number of people identifying as pagan went from 35000 to 550,000.

  10. Merry Meet Ummy,
    You are correct; Wicca is one of the fast growing religions in North America, Europe and Australia. Different agencies across the board are testing the waters by doing censuses on many levels throughout the three main areas that Wicca has taken root. If you like you can start here http://www.religioustolerance.org/wic_nbr3.htm.
    Always in Light and Love

  11. Depends on what rubric you use for determining “fastest growing”
    In terms of numbers added, I believe it is Islam.
    In terms of percentages I believe that it is paganism in general.
    But you have to look at it closely, if you have a hundred people finding two hundred people the next time is a HUGE percentage increase, but in terms of the general population, it is pretty insignificant.

  12. As Incu said, this is probably teens try to act cool by acting “evil” though they know nothing about what it truly is.

  13. Unfortunately I’d suggest caution.
    Yes I’ve heard of these figures before – but I’ve yet to actually see them AND the same claim’s been about Wicca made in different countries & (unfortunately) with other Faiths. All pointing to a Internet Myth I’m afraid – as much as I’d love it to be true.
    I’d love to be proven wrong – PLEASE someone prove me wrong!!

  14. No. The Wiccan is the male of a coven. Alot of youth are dabbling in the religion called Wicca but most of them will dabble to get back at their parents and in a few years they will go back to church telling of how they were under Satan’s control. It is a fad for many.

  15. OMG id be glad if thats true we need christains to know the real truth instead of the dark they see us. Its time for there to be light and unity between us.

  16. It’s near impossible to nail down actual numbers for Wicca. It seems like it’s growing fast in America, but then again, who knows? Most Wiccans don’t join a church, or sign ‘Wiccan’ on their medical insurance papers.

  17. In a Roper (I think) poll that appeared on CNN in, as I recall, 1993, Paganism as a _group_ of religions was already at 2.3 million, slightly larger than the Episcopal Church and up from maybe 100,000 in the 70s. That’s only the ones willing to answer truthfully, of course, and doesn’t break it down further
    than “Pagan or other earth religion”.
    Since then, I’ve seen a lot of estimates, the most common one being around four million Pagans (again, no breakdown into Wicca or Druidry or whatever, and no actual poll I know of.). Fastest growing? I don’t know, but it would be hard to beat that.

  18. My interest is human behavioral studies; I study social networking sites and writers networks.
    The truth is most people who claim to be wiccans on the Internet are people who do so to get attention and scare people.
    They generally write dark, neurotic writings and cast spells as a form of internet cyber bully behavior (on the Internet) – to control and manipulate people.
    They often pose as female- goddess, or male god- types looking for — followers. Usually call themselves ravens, crows, priestess- mistress of the dark — etc.
    They also befriend young people; feed into negative feelings like suicide and depression, and often praise the young kids — for writing very dark thoughts.
    They also cuss, use foul language and write about negative things, and always portray themselves as victims online, searching for other victims as a form of grouping.
    Nearly every one of them has a rape story and they often write bad things about Christians, their Christian upbringing and they encourage- immoral behavior, promiscuity, drugs and alcohol use.
    They also play the victim over their beliefs- and act as if everyone is persecuting them for their faith.
    Many young kids are drawn to this behavior — online and statistically — write dark- bloody, violent writings-. I believe parts of this behavior comes from too much fiction when children are young and too many vampire stories, Goth is very popular among young adults- often they act Goth as a form of — projecting individualism, never realizing they are very common online.
    The Gothic groups also praise self-mutilation, are often cutters and have online addiction problems. Many are looking for sympathy or to belong and most grow out of it, however I would caution if your child is behaving in this manner because it can and does cause psychological problems, and some of the children take it very seriously and form suicide pacts. There is no doubt in my mind there are good wiccans who do not behave in this manner however this is bottom line and is what my studies have concluded after a decade of online research. If Wiccan is a- growing religion — I conclude it is a growing concern – in cyber land and it is a behavior that needs to be addressed by parents- who have children showing this behavior and I do suggest a good psychologist and — limited time online. Finally yet importantly- many of them “really” believe they are vampires and they drink blood. Something seems to cross the realm of fantasy in this behavior and most of them seem to lose touch with reality online…

  19. I personally belive that wiccan is a recognized religion its just that so many people have been brought up in a certain faith that it would be immoral for them to look into other faiths and relize they are all pretty much the same .we all belive in a higher power but honestly have you ever seen him/ her or even them. if everyone would open their eyes or take off their blinders they would see that without what i belive in their farm or crops would not grow. thats because the mother earth gave us the knowledge to know how to care for our food supply. Don’t you thank god every time something gose right or you nearly avoid an accident. think about it . open your eyes


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