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do these body’s lie within us if not is there a way to merge with them? im not really understanding the multiple body concept are they all in different places and we just transfer our consciousness to them or are they in us and we have to separate them from our selves?


  • yes they lie within the human shell. I only know how to connect strongly with the physical and astral.

    and the soul of course!!!

  • you only have 3 pysical, mental, sprital/magical
    and yes u transfer yoru counsiousness amoung them
    and yes u have to sepreat them yourself
    but all tougtehr they make up u
    in this life

  • We have several bodies but not literally!!
    We have:
    Emotional is pretty much spiritual so yeah…
    We can’t go and change “bodies” as only one is like solid…

  • it’s true, that there is a Multi-verse, but it’s also true you have to be one with the God’s to know that.

  • You missed the soul, which is different than the ethereal. They all exist within the confines of the human shell.

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