Home Discussion Forum Is it true that thinking positive provides a higher chance of success?

Is it true that thinking positive provides a higher chance of success?

I’ve been told it has something to do with your subconscious mind, that when you think for example, “yes, by God, this is going to happen for me” somewhere down the line it will. Is it true or just optimist propaganda?


  1. You’re a troll.
    But I will feed you.
    I believe that if you have a positive mindset you will achieve higher. It’s not optimist propagranda because having a positive mindset means that your attitude is better and you are more determined to achieve what you want.
    If you look down on yourself and think badly you are more likely to fail or give up what you’re doing.

  2. Mind over matter is possible. It’s half the battle to believe before you can achieve.
    You are correct in your assumptions however wishing alone will not cut it, you must apply yourself as well.
    Good luck,

  3. Thinking positive is very good it is not the thing which completes your job but thinking positive gives you the well to complete a job.
    negative thinking does the opposite it will lose your hope and from start you will think that the work will not be completed so how can the work be completed if you are thinking opposite about it.
    Your mind and body works together if your mind is not cooperating with your body than its impossible to complete a work.
    the positive thinking is your well that has not to be fallen down…

  4. SO TRUE FOR ME!!!
    I used to be the most negative person there is in the world. I felt the unluckiest person alive. I had no friends because I believed that I was unlikable and unloved all the time. I always attracted people who brought me down and put me down. I always had bad things happened to be because I expected them.
    Then I found LAW OF ATTRACTION. I researched and researched about it and found forums about people who had manifested a lot of things using this law. I manifested positive people, men in my life and some money. It`s true that you must do some kind of action but this action is inspired because of how you are using the LAW. I now always have positive things come to my life because I expect them.
    You should try watching THE SECRET. There were lots of people who became a millionaire and became successful because of positive thoughts and positive feelings. And isn`t it better to be positive and happy all the time rather than feeling bad when thinking negatively? Which makes you feel better?
    Like the above said, MIND OVER MATTER.

  5. Yep, Hollywood, a much higher chance of overall success…
    We can’t just sit back and wish for something good to happen… That’s the propaganda part.
    I believe that negative thinking is largely based on past experiences or fears of the future. A positive attitude will not guarantee success but, I believe it allows us to look forward and be aware of opportunities as they come up.
    Life is full of risks. Don’t stress out on what could go wrong… think of what can go right. And don’t worry too much about failures along the way… they are usually “learning” experiences. Good Luck.


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