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Is it true that the universe?

Will punish you if you commit a sin; like Karma. And there is no way to dance around Morality, and choosing between right/wrong. Everybody gets the same treatment. And what do you think of people who like to take a neutral stance on things. Like they have a clear idea of how things work, but not strong enough to take the right path and stick to it.


  1. how arrogant for mankind to continue to believe the universe is somehow revolving around us. Somehow the universe cares about how we treat each other, as if human existence is such an important thing in the the grand scheme of things…

  2. The universe is not so humble as to ”punish” us for some stupid reason, i’m sure. In this world, there is no real ”right/wrong”, you decide whats good.

  3. i believe strongly in karma and divine justice, so i think beware! also, i think it’s impossible to be neutral, people always struggle. and the struggle is what makes us human, righteous or not. so, for the sake of your eternal soul, be good.

  4. unfortunatly, I don’t think miley cyrus and I are getting the same “treatment” I am about 20 mil short from being equal with her

  5. What morality is to us is a socio-biological code of honourable action . The universe’s morality is based on the revelation of dynamic quality.
    it cannot value a single person – it knows nothing of individuality – it’s value in revealed in the fact that “everything gets better” – if we are not of quality our entire species will be “punished” by us dying out
    too many people think it’s all about us and the people who came up with the idea of karma in human lives were just some of those same self uppity self important idiots adding to the possibility of human intellectual evolution taking an irreversible wrong turn and allowing our species to stagnate

  6. …no…
    …man punishes man…
    …not everybody gets the same treatment…
    …don’t see or hear any rich people complaining…

  7. I tend to see every choice, as being one of 3 distinct kinds. Positive, Negative, and Inaction. Negative and Inaction, both provide negative results. Time is the factor that brings Inaction to a negative thing. Positive choices, are choices that always seem to have a good intention, thus creating even more positive things in the world.
    So, 2 choices produce negative impacts, and 1 produces positive impacts. I would imagine that most choices are either positive or inaction, and rarely seem to be negative to someone. However, people take a long time, sometimes, to realize the difference between the three. I think Karma is a flow of these actions.
    The more choices people make that are intentionally positive, the better their lives become. Those positive choices, eventually come back to make their lives better, in some way, or manner. This includes the choices of people who you wish to be around as well. Their choices will effect you as well. Everybody has their friend who was bad, or is a “good person”.
    What goes around, made by you, comes around, back to you…
    This is my view of Karma…

  8. The right path? The definition of right needs to outlined.. Taking this from a religious point of view, the universe won’t punish you, but ultimately God will. An important philosophical argument is that there is an outside moral standard, or realist understanding of morals, and people either get it right or wrong. Therefore, the people who ‘dance’ around morals are doing the wrong thing, and will be punished for that. It’s clear in society that not everybody gets the same treatment HOWEVER that’s society’s fault for not conforming to the absolute moral standard, which, as in the Bible, was put forth by God.

  9. G It’s messy and confused. The thing to do is see what is and turn poison to medicine often enough to have fun and advance.


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