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Is it true that the human being can feel electric waves around us and if so is it aura?



  1. Ummm…yes. I have had an “issue” with this for over a year. Mine usually happens when I’m almost asleep. I get electrical sensations and all kinds of interesting shit happens. Still trying to figure it all out. Nothing bad though, but interesting.

  2. I sometimes feel shock waves going down my legs, I guess peopel would say it is restless leg symdrome, but I run everyday, I am not lazy like some people!

  3. Yes, and no.
    Our bodies are contrived of many elements and one just happens to be magnetism and electrical impulse. Yes, we can feel electricity. Have you ever been in a lightening storm and see a very loud strike near your area or close to you? Could you not feel the electric waves emitting from it? Static electricity is similar. Do you not get shocked if you are wearing clothing in a dry area, void of humidity, and shock someone or something? Could you not feel the energy before actually making contact, sort of like getting near to an object but too far away to create a spark? This is electricity or electric waves.
    The Aura is more of an energy feild. Electricity has no color, the elements such as the type of metal or minerals present as well as the humidity that may be in the air causes it to flash and arch white, blue, red, or even green. The Aura represents a feild of energy not electricity. An energy feild is manipulated by electical currents as well as chemical currents. These may change in a person from time to time but most peoples Auras are reflective of their constant state. When someone is sick, sad, angry, or excited, these colors can change but they are reflective of the chemical and hormonal changes within the human body most times. A healthy person may exude a high or large Aura outside of their body where another person who is sick or depressed will have a low or slight halo. Those who are about to die may have a “sickly” looking aura and right before they actually die – within a week or that moment – their aura will get like a surge and then dissapate.
    Auras are energy feilds reflective of chemical and electrical impluses.
    Electrical waves is for those that have a high magnetic balance and healthy electrical impulses. Such as “brain waves” which measure electical impulses and synapses of the brain and through out the body.
    Sometimes you can “feel” if someone is angry or sad and other times you can sense danger or mass fear. These are not aura being expressed these are natural instincts that we do not notice today but yes you can sense or smell fear or danger in your area. People and animals exude a hormone combined with an electrical charge that many of us can or can’t sense and will react accordingly. The fight or flight response we have.
    But, if one is down, then all are down and the response of both are minimal such as seeing an aura or feeling electrical waves in the air or the ground.


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