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Is it true that tarot cards are evil and that they give you bad luck if you use them?

I had a friend that she could see a little of my future and she did a little bit of magical things with eggs but its hard to explain here in yahoo answers..anyway..wel she told me not to get the cards read anymore because hey give you bad luck is that true..yes or no and why..thanks..
honest answers please.


  1. Fortunetelling has always been about guess work, you guess a person’s future and get money for it. It’s one of the lower classes of occupations right there with prostitution and astrology.

  2. My mum uses tarot cards and knows what im thinking it’s really scray
    but i’ll tell you this.
    Tarot cars… yes they work but it’s evil magic, it’s something the devil uses to pull you away from god.
    I’ll tell you a story.
    My mum read the cards and it said she will meet a guy tomorrow and marry him in 4 weeks..
    so she did meet this guy and yea he’s nice and all, but then it was almost four weeks and she thought she HAD to marry the guy cause well the card said so. so stupidly she did and he’s the crappiest step father ever.
    and she divorced
    so you see.. the cards can lie about your future. but then you follow what it says because you think it’s going to happen anyway
    There not bad luck but they’re capable of wrecking your life.

    • no no no… future is never written in stone. why type of person thinks they have to do what some card says. its a piece of paper with pretty pictures on it… there is no reason for anyone to have to do what the cards show – its merely suggestions, up to you to do it or not…plus – people read them differently….
      they are only useful for guidance, to point out things in your situation you may not have considered before…meditation and the like.
      each card has many different interpretations. nothing inherently wrong with them.

  3. As far as Artwork some of the packs are really awesome, As far as divination uses , I think they are more of a trigger for the mind , Are they of the Devil—No- Can one use them for Evil Puposes, Maybe, but so can the bible. Make up your own mind. Just choose Good over Evil.

  4. No, they’re not evil. However you will probably have lots of “bad luck” if you base your decisions on them instead of using your brain.

  5. they don’t give you bad luck, if you use them it invites satan and his demons into your life.
    because it is a form of witchcraft spoken of in the bible.

    • how does it invite satan exactly? they cards, not unlike a regular deck of playing cards, or uno…
      the images come from a couple different cultures…
      they are not really divination as many people think of…more like a tool for guidance, which can be paired with the bible or whatever.
      witchcraft – there are different interpreation of the word. some people see it as wise woman who is connected with the earth and can heal… but i’m sure there are bad people with bad intentions that call themselves witch..
      but even the bible has different intepretations…

      • Ok none of u are exactly right their are so many belifs out their about it u can belive your belif n go away n i will belive mine and i ill leave in quite a hurry n leave u alone cause ur entitled to your view on things ok ppl gosh tells u hve no life when u gotta make yur opinion the only one whos right n btw im a witch n i work with energy nothing alive that can make decisions its those witchs that work with necromancy n the devil that are devil witches so dont put all witches in one catagory do yur research before u belive everything your told like aignoignort guliable person u r n im not condricting my self just saying for u to do reasearch before hving a opinion

  6. No, they don’t invite bad luck into your life. They are a divination medium used by many magical practitioners and take years to master. Any bad luck she may have had is probably coincidental, unless she does other work and hasn’t been clearing her space up. No demons or Satan(s) required, or included.

  7. BS- the cards are fine. They’re only bad “luck” if you become dependent on them or use them to go against your better judgment. It’s the people who read and are read for that bring anything bad to it.

  8. No, tarot cards are not evil, and no, they do not give you bad luck.
    Tarot cards were created in the mid 15th century by adding a set of trumps to a standard pack of playing cards. These extra cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trumps. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games. And that’s what they were created for, games. For 350 years, they were used for nothing but games until some French occultists, ignorant of their origin, invented myths about them and gave us taromancy. For about 100 years, these myths were limited to France but early in the 20th century, some British occultists introduced the myths to the English speaking world, where there was no rememberred history of the games. Here, the myths found a new and profitable home.
    I am happy to say that the many games of tarot are still played throughout continental Europe and there are those of us trying to introduce them to English speakers – so, if you have a pack, you might like to try these out.

  9. actually my name is lexi, and i am apart of the people who sell tarot cards and make them of course i only make the pictures! anyways tarot cards are nor evil or good it is a game of coincidence it isnt always accurate email me if you have more questions!

    • Hello Lexi! I recently gave my little sister my old barely used tarot cards. since that day (5 days ago) I’ve had really bad luck! Each day something happens to me….I dropped my phone in the pool, then I lost my wallet, yesterday I chopped i quarter of the tip of my finger off and yesterday and dropped and destroyed y 2 day old phone! I’m not superstitious and I’m normally very lucky and easy going. s this just a coincidence?

  10. OMG, I simply cannot believe what people are saying about a little deck of artistic cards. The devil is in them? Really? They’re evil? Really? You make your own evil inside of you and not through a deck of cards. If you’re bad you don’t need cards to tell you that. And how many of you are God? Seriously? You seem to have all the answers. I thought only God did? I must be mistaken. If you want to get all religious about this and start quoting the bible, check out the history of tarot first. The cards were created to follow the bloodlines of Christ (www.paralumun.com). Yes, for all the hypocrites out there, they were made for you. And later you were the ones that said they were evil and condemned them. Remember, don’t condemn. Judgment belongs only to the Lord.


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