Home Discussion Forum Is it true that Tarot Card Readers end up alone in life?

Is it true that Tarot Card Readers end up alone in life?

I have been reading Tarot cards for the past 6 years and have heard this a lot. Is it ture that Tarot card raders end up alone and can never have a healthy relationship? Also does keeping Tarot cards at home prove to be a drain on the finances?


  1. Let me guess: you hang out with uptight fundies.
    The only reason a tarot card reader would end up alone is because she wants to. Period.

  2. If you keep showing them the Death card and say “you are gonna die horribly and soon”… Yes.

  3. omg! where did you hear this? I am a bit freak out now because I have tarot cards. so do I get rid of them? if so how? you can’t just throw the tarot cards into the trash can. how do you get rid of them?

  4. My mother is a tarot card reader.. she has me, of course, but she’s kind of alone, yes.
    My mother has a hard time finding a healthy relationship – because she relies on tarot and her ‘psychic abilities’ to dictate what she does. For instance.. she had an arguement with her boyfriend over a DREAM she had, and what the cards said about it afterwards. Granted, I know this boyfriend of hers is a complete jerk anyway and she should be rid of him.. but not over her dreams or cards. /facepalm
    I’m not slamming your beliefs, here, I know that belief in tarot can be just as strong as belief in God or any sort of religion.. but just keep in the back of your mind that the tarot is at most a guide for you, and should NEVER dictate your life. I don’t believe in tarot, personally…

  5. ive never heard that in my life til now
    im not alone, my relationship has been going strong for 9 years
    we are not rich, but i dont see how tarot has had an effect on that

  6. Hello,
    The only real reason any Tarot Reader would end up alone in life is if he or she chooses to be alone. I have been reading the Tarot since 1973 and I am very happily married and have been for many years. Our marriage has outlasted most everyone we know who does not read the cards. We have two beautiful children that are ranked among the top of their class, eight cats and a parakeet. We have a wonderful life in countless ways and I know of many other Tarot Readers whom are also happily married for many years.
    Keeping Tarot cards at home will not put a drain on finances, it is the poor handling of your own financial affairs that will drain your bank account/resources. These include, but are not limited to, living beyond your means, running up credit cards, impulse buying, trying to keep up with the neighbors, not keeping track of what you spend, buying a home you cannot afford, buying/leasing a car you cannot afford, having more vehicles than you really need, buying what you want instead of what you really need, investing in get rich quick schemes, allowing someone too much control over your finances which is what happened to the actor Nicolas Cage, donating more than you can afford, overdraft fees because you weren’t paying attention, allowing others to borrow money from you when they do not pay it back, gambling, cosigning a loan, etc.
    Whenever you hear such ridiculous tales, it is always best to consider the source because far too many fall for the agendas of those with shallow knowledge and are content to continue to spread the misinformation as if it were truth. A person who has shallow knowledge is relying on what they are told rather than what they have experienced for themselves.
    Joy to you,
    Maralee Fox-Heins
    Home of The Retro Cats Tarot and many more!

  7. No–to all of your answers. The questions you have might be about yourself and not about Tarot readers in general. I’ve known many readers that have happy and healthy relationships–myself included! As for the money question, I think all readers–novice and advanced–wouldn’t be able to afford to get on the computer if your question is even valid!

  8. Where are you getting your information? From conservative fundy type sites that like to cite lots of completely made-up statistics about the “occult” in order to scare their followers into obeying dogma?
    I’ve been very active in the spiritual and occult communities for many many years now and thought I had heard every innane superstition there was. This one is a completely new one to me. I’ve NEVER heard of either of those things.
    I know more than my fair share of people who read tarot professionally (I currently do), and then literally hundreds who study and read tarot non-professionally as part of their spiritual path (I did this for the better part of a decade before I started reading professionally). None of the professionals that I know have money issues – in fact they make ALOT of money by being very good at what they do. I always have a steady stream of clients for tarot. I am in no way financially drained.
    I am married in a fantastic relationship. Most of the professional readers that I know are in successful, committed relationships.
    If people have issues with money or romance it is personal issues that they have that has NOTHING to do with tarot. If you have financial issues, you need to look into learning how to manage your budget and your financial affairs – period. If you have romantic issues, you need to look at yourself and your patterns of behavior and thinking to find out what areas you need to work on in yourself. Reading tarot has nothing to do with any of these – however a good reader can use the tarot to help point out to you issues that you have that you may not be able to objectively see. In fact, that’s a big part of what I do as a reader – helping people look at their lives and their situations more objectively so they can make effective changes.
    So – don’t let people scapegoat their personal issues on a deck of cards. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard – LOL!

  9. Psychic Here
    I always tell my Clients and my Friends…. a Psychics life is “messed up” just like a Plumber always has a leaky faucet and a Mechanic always has a junker in the yard on blocks. We are too busy dealing with other peoples problems to pay attantion to our own. It is like the price to pay for helping others. The good news is…..
    We get such great amount of joy from helping others that I never really notice or regret the lack of money or companionship.

  10. Amazing the stories that people make up. Tarot card readers are single, married, divorced etc. just like everyone else. One does not have anything to do with the other.
    I am a Tarot reader of 18 years and have not found my finances affected in any way.

  11. I have been reading tarot professionally for over sixteen years. I am happily married in a very secure relationship. We own two houses and are not hurting financially, having just bought the second house at almost twice the square footage as the first house.
    I should mention that I am a witch and my wife is also, as are our two teenage kids. We live our lives in the craft, 24/7, and tarot is part of that. You have to remember that the tarot is nothing more than a tool and is no more dangerous than keeping a hammer around; if you use it correctly you can build wonderful things, but if you abuse it you could hurt yourself.

  12. I suppose anything can happen to a Tarot Reader just as to anyone else but I agree with the rest , I have been married 15 years and the cards have little to do with my finances…come see all my other crazy hobbies at 69ghosts.com


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