Is it true that some people are gifted to be able to communicate via telepathy?

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You know, like sensing that your friend is in trouble. Or communicating by just staring into each other. Can anyone help explaining this logically? The make sense way? Thankyou 🙂

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GLH (male 48 UK)

Read my mind and you’ll get the answer




Yes, without a doubt.

Oobily Ghepp

Since I am one of the people who occasionally “get messages”, I surely agree it is more than possible.
There is no scientific information available to be able to give you a make sense answer. I could add that it is said that we only use 10% of our brain. If that is true, what is happening with the other 90%?
Also consider that Socrates avered that we are all born with complete knowledge of the universe, then as we become perceptually aware, we forget. If he was right, it would cast a brand new light on how we should think.


first clue
in matters where a few outcomes are possible ,(like good/bad, yes’no ) it is easy through facial expression to transmit thoughts
faces of people on american idol after they finish the interview and come out, even without seeing the pink slip, its obvious from looking at their faces whether they are going to hollywood or not.
second clue: how whole ideas can be turned into a matter of yes/no
consider this story :
there is no lectricity , i try a gaslamp but it doesnt have any gas , i go out to get some gas but i dont find any.
hence i stay in the dark.
if a stranger sees me he will have no idea as to why that is, there are an infinite number of possible explanations.( i am angry, retarded, photophobic? or maybe the stranger suddenly got blind etc etc)
but if my wife sees me , because she knows
a- i dont like to stay in the dark
b- if the electricity is out, we have a gas lamp
c-if the gaslamp had any gas in it , i would have lit it.
d-if the gas lamp didnt have any gas in it, i would have gone out for some gas.
e- if im in the dark, i must have not found any gas at the store or whatever.
so my wife, just by seeing me ,gets all this information without me saying a word(isnt that what they call telepathy?)
another example
two young people look at each other , they get an idea what the other perso’s impression is .
because they both share the quality of being young (hence with sex on their mind)
if the other person approved of them they would smile or approach them, this not happening one can deduce that the other person doesnt feel attracted to them.
so in a nutshell , telepathy is scientifically possible when the amount of shared background information make it possible to transmit complex ideas through expressions that signify simple ideas like yes/no or good/bad .
i think this is a good question because it gave me the opportunity to share my theory which i use mostly to explain to myself the apparent ability in animals to transmit ideas to one another non-verbally.


Hi !
I Think i can help you with this question because i can do some of these works(Talepathy).
You know … when your mind becomes strong enough to think others and make them think to you … then you can Communicate via telepathy …
I mean that if you want to do telepathy , then you should practice alot , really alot ! and then you will feel some new things that you didn’t before !
But its not like a chat !
When you make a question in your mind , there isnt anybody to answer you , It’s your mind that answers the questions ,
For example … I have a question that i want to ask you for the answer , but i’m not close to you to ask it from your self … if i concentrate with my mind , suddenly i will FEEL the answer in my heart , you did not answer me ! but i have recieved an answer !
As simple as drinking … as hard as walking in the Air !
I hope i could help you !

hari prasad

IT seems to be true but may be a phenomenon – we have to research on this subject very seriously – though there are many examples of such kinds even the occult science also highlight its aspects, still we need elaboration.


theoretically possible
but i don’t think so


No, it’s not scientifically or theoretically possible. We have no documented cases of actual telepathic ability under controlled circumstances (that means, when they couldn’t be cheating). There is no known mechanism for telepathy.
If any of the people who answered ‘yes’ can back up that asseration, than they can win a million dollars for 10 minute’s work here . But since everyone who has tried has been either severely misinformed or delusional, it leads one to believe that everyone who believes in it must be so as well. Until someone wins that million, I’m not buying telepathy.


……………………………………………I guess that you are not gifted because I just summoned you and you didn’t come running. Maybe you were wearing your aluminium foil hat.


it is true. One way that i can explain it is that like since you’ve been friends with your friend for so long you’ve two some how bonded together and your joined together.


Yes because there are strengths inside of a human body that we are not able to realize because we personally don’t have a clue about them or even if we do know what they are we don’t know how to acquire them. Many people are able to do that and they are helped by other who know this. They do all different kinds of stuff like figure out what kinds of strengths they are cabable of and then challenge those strengths. you can also say that some people who are able to do this take control over their brain and inner stengths.

Gypsy Girl

Everything is connected by energy. Some people can read this energy. When you think, your brain produces electromagnetic energy that can be measured outside of your head. Some people can also pick up and translate this energy back into thoughts. This would be more likely within families because of the similar genetic makeup. It is the same thing as recieving soundwaves and your brain interpreting them as music. The only difference is that sound waves travel farther than brain waves. That is why almost everybody can hear sounds but only a few people can “hear” brain waves.


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