Is it true that semi precious and precious stones have healing powers?

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Is it true that semi precious and precious stones have healing powers?
There are many books about this which tell you what to do and how to use the stones etc. But is there an element of truth in this because I don’t want to invest a lot of my time (and some of my money) in this for it to turn out to be useless.
Also they say to ‘channel’ your crystal by saying out loud what you want it to do and creating a vision of this, but doesn’t that sound a bit easy? And what different would it make if you say it or think it?

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Donut Tim

Magic does not exist.


They are believed to but there is really no solid evidence.

Jack Smith

Yes and if enough precious stones are placed on your head you will gain physic powers.
Why do you think kings and queens always wore crowns?

Alyssa Kaylleen

Yes, but their is no imformation found to back it up.


Absolutely. And I will prove it. And I just happen to be having a sale. Normally $130, just send me $45.98 and I’ll send you my book on the power of rocks. AND, for a limited time, I’ll include a free ticket to see me live, in person at one of my seminars for gullable hippies who didn’t pay attention in class back in school.
Question is: How far did YOU get before you realized I was pulling your leg here.

Katie Walker

these people are idiots. the scientific view of it all is this…. there are 7 main energy centers in your body. these are called chakras. energy is made of frequencies and vibrations. crystals also have different frequencies and vibrations. the crystals can absorb negative vibrations and put in positive vibrations. certain crystals can align or balance or heal certain chakras.


It is absolute, total rubbish. I am a professional gemmologist with a PhD in mineralogy. I have spent my life surrounded by every type of gemstone and mineral you can think of and many more you have never even heard of. If they had special powers I should be some sort of mini superman by now but in fact I am a bit overweight, going slightly bald and need glasses to type this answer.


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