Home Discussion Forum Is it true that Playing Cards started off as Tarot Cards?

Is it true that Playing Cards started off as Tarot Cards?

Someone once told me that Playing Cards where originally created to be used as tarot cards, is there any truth to this or is it may be that people that did the tarot started using Playing Cards? I would like to clear up this myth.


  1. Hello
    From what I remember about Tarot history – no.
    Early playing cards were far more decorative than they are now, which may be where this stems from. The opposite is probably true that Tarot stemmed from playing cards.

  2. i do not think it is true, as tarot cards are all different and have a signifigant meaning to each of them. playing cards do not.

  3. It’s hard to say, it is like which came first, the chicken of the egg.
    Contrary to what the person above said about tarot and playing cards being different, if you look at the suits, they are actually the same.
    Suit of Hearts, hearts makes people think of love, that would be the suit of Cups.
    Suit of Diamonds, diamonds representing riches, that is the suit of Pentacles
    Suit of Spades, like a dagger or such, speaks of thinking and words, that is the suit of Swords
    Suit of Clubs, a wooden thick stick, the suit of Wands is shown with ‘wooden sticks’ and is the suit that represents creative energy, like a magic wand.
    In a world with so much persicussion for having certain beliefs, I could see how ‘playing cards’ may have been a disguise for tarot.
    The first known set of real playing cards came from the far east and where round and did not have a format like todays cards, tarot or play.


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