Home Discussion Forum Is it true that people "know what I think" through telepathy?

Is it true that people "know what I think" through telepathy?

Do you feel such a phenomenon?
Please say where you are when you answer.


  1. Im in san diego, i think that people can read your mind from your action and your expression, but i really don’t believe in telepathy.

  2. I don’t think so. Some one is trying to scar you. So take this things out of your mind. Go out and watch some brave-action movie. All your scars will be gone. Or go to some beautiful place where you get peace of mind. May be a church or temple is also good pace to go.
    I am sitting in my bedroom watching action and romantic movies in london.

  3. Telepathy hasn’t been shown to be real by scientific testing to date, though this might be debated by some psi advocates who believe the ganzfeld studies have produced credible results. I have never experienced any such phenomena or feeling. I’m sitting at my computer desk at home.

  4. No, that’s not true. But thinking other people can read your mind is a classic symptom of schizophrenia. You might want to get that checked out if it’s really bugging you.

  5. No I dont believe it works like that. I think its kind of like a phone call. The only way people can get through is if they accept it and answer it. Still I dont think telepathy works like how many describe it. You usually would send a picture or feeling, not words it would be amazingly difficult to recieve it all so our thoughts are like words so no one could read it. They may be able to feel you out and know what you may be thinking of through feeling but they cant read your mind per say. Im in florida. L&L

  6. I dont think anyone can do telepathy…but I believe we can sort of “understand” someone very close to us and feel what they are thinking. No one can read your mind don’t worry.
    CA orange county


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