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Is it true that past lives are real?

i just had this meditation thingy in school about past life regression stuffs…
i pictured myself as an American soldier in Corregidor…
i don’t get it really…i mean is this kind of meditation supposed to help you remember things or make things up in your head?


  1. Supposedly I was an american philosopher born in 1776.
    Its all a load of bullshit. It just makes people feel better about their unimportant futile life.

  2. If past lives were real . . then earths population would not be expanding like it is now.
    Past people would only be re-cycled and the number of humans would remain static.
    Having a past life would only have value if one could recall the lessons learned . .otherwise it is all a complete waste of time.

  3. your brain is (roughly said)made of two parts one that you can controll and one you can’t……one is your mind and the others cares for the basic life functions like breathing while you are asleep or heartbeet or bloodfloat…..while in meditative state(if you are skilled that is)you can controll both which greatly increases your influence on your body so two possibilites you just imagined yourself as how you would want to be like when you lived your past life or you you really did live that life.

  4. there are some books you can read
    many lives many masters
    threw time into healing both by Brian Weiss MD
    most librarys will have them or can get them, read one or both and decide for yourself.

  5. Sure. It’s definitely possible. Since this life is all we really know while experiencing this life, there could be an ultimate reality we just aren’t aware of. The “truth of truths” if you will regarding the nature of existence itself.
    The most interesting thing to note however is that none of this necessarily has anything to do with any religion on earth. Sure religions may claim some of these ideas as their own, but it in no way means that everything a religion claims about everything is the absolute truth and ultimate nature of existence.

  6. In dream everything seems real.
    The experience of past lives is somewhat similar. Present life seems tru only till one wakes up (the inner eye opens up). When that eye opens up the present life also seems like a dream.
    There r tecniques of seeing past lives. Though its of not any use. Life is in present moment, enjoy it. Everyone one we like or dislike generally has spend one or more previous life with us.

  7. Read a Little paper back called Old Souls, it has a dark cover and a child’s face on it, can’t remember the Author, its about children born with memories if other lives its very interesting and an easy read.


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